Ebene Magazine – Special nursing, high-rise living, staying at home … The cost for 13 years is so different (January 14, 2021) –Excite News

Ebene Magazine - Special nursing, high-rise living, staying at home ... The cost for 13 years is so different (January 14, 2021) --Excite News

Annual cost of a car is over 1 million yen … If you let go of the car, you can save money

I’ve been talking about investment for a while now, but this time I’d like to talk about the theme of returning to the basics of money. Of course, investment is important, but after a long consultation on money, many people realized that the foundation of money before that, the basic basis …

Father who went to a nursing home. I ran away at that time.

■ Home care life with my father that ended without a hitch After I became dementia, I was made to think more about how to deal with my father. (Photo: Photo Library) When I write about my father’s dementia, the response is more than I expected …

How much does it cost !? List of wedding expenses you should know

I think some college students are thinking about marrying their current boyfriend or girlfriend after graduating. When I think about having a wedding, the biggest concern is the cost of the wedding. Average total wedding gold …

16.8 million yen shortage for pension alone … Elderly housing with care « real burden »

« A growing number of families are complaining that their physical and cognitive functions have declined due to the self-restraint of going out due to the corona disaster. To avoid such anxiety again, interact with people , Daily care, watching, etc …

40-year-old housewife, husband’s income decrease. Worried about the cost of caring for the mother

Depending on the cost of nursing care for mothers, they are worried about their old age. The name « Money Plan Clinic » answers the problems of household finances that everyone has raised. The counselor this time is a housewife in her 40s who is worried about her mother’s care and her old age. Household budget concert …

Office worker, savings 500,000 yen. I want to experience parental care and live quietly without causing any inconvenience to anyone

I will never get married and I don’t want to spend money for anything other than myself. The name « Money Plan Clinic » answers the household problems that everyone has raised. The counselor this time is single and suffers from the disposal of the inherited parents’ house 2 …

What is the best parental care that caregivers think of?

Nowadays, long-term care workers are often talked about, but in the meantime, Welks conducted a survey of long-term care workers regarding « the best parental care that long-term care workers think ». « The government is moving toward zero long-term care turnover, but it is possible to balance long-term care and work …

Expanding « long-term care without holding » to improve the quality of long-term care / nursing

As the aging society progresses, attention is being paid to protecting the health of workers in the field of long-term care and nursing. Of particular concern is back pain that plagues caregivers. Various measures have been taken so far, but with long-term care and long-term care …

Expansion of « mixed long-term care » that benefits people requiring long-term care, families, and business establishments

« For families who have to do both work and parental care,’mixed long-term care’ is a very meaningful service. By successfully combining both long-term care insurance services and non-insurance services, the burden of home care is burdened. Is pretty light …

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