Ebene Magazine – Star of « Battle of Psychics » Georgy Malinovsky: Doctors are surprised that I’m not completely blind ru

Ebene Magazine - Star of "Battle of Psychics" Georgy Malinovsky: Doctors are surprised that I'm not completely blind ru

With the onset of 2021, the question remains: will this year be better than the previous one and will humanity win the coronavirus? Georgy Malinovsky, a participant in three seasons of the Battle of Psychics, who has been suffering from loss of vision for many years, shared his forecast on this with our publication. According to the psychic, the coronavirus pandemic around the world will decline very soon.

– In April – May, the restoration of potential will take place, – 37-year-old Georgy is convinced. – In terms of coronavirus, it will become easier for us. But we have all been too affected by the pandemic, so difficulties will remain. When a natural disaster strikes, the person is in a running state. It’s kind of easier. But when you no longer need to run anywhere, there is a need to rebuild your life.

This is often more difficult. But those people who will not relax, but lean on these difficulties and go towards their goal, will recover well by the fall and return to normal life.

– I have a chronic, inoperable disease – one of the varieties of retinal dystrophy, – shares the psychic. – Vision continues to fall. It got to the point that I can only read what is written in white on black, and not in black and white, as all normal people read. I am a patient at the Helmholtz Clinic. But the doctors themselves do not fully understand what is happening to me. They say that with such a diagnosis I shouldn’t see anything at all. It is essentially blindness. But you get used to everything. I cannot say that I see enough for a comfortable life, but I also cannot say that it is impossible for me to live with it!


Show business

A year has passed since the inauguration of the head of government, Mikhail Mishustin. I don’t see any major changes in real activities. As well as serious differences from the activities of its predecessor. Unless Medvedev was somehow more of an irritant. All these his « No money, but you hold on » …

What are we all for? Besides, pedophilia is indisputably bad. But pedoysteria, which also gives rise to lynching, is even worse. And to the fact that it is not worth it, believing the first « victims » that came along, to rush to carry out this lynching. What did it cost Sankin to just call the police? And the victim would not have seemed a little, and he himself would have been free. And so – the story, where all the victims

One photo of Yulia’s farewell to Lesha did more than all the television propaganda. And this means not just the end of the twenty-year stage of Russian history, but the end of a long, painful, humiliating, traumatic and desperately ugly one. We may not deserve something else, but it doesn’t make it any easier

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