Ebene Magazine – Sudbury man sentenced to 30 days in prison on conviction for second hate speech


Chelsea Papineau
CTV Northern Ontario digital content specialist


A judge in Sudbury has sentenced a local who was found guilty in September of promoting hatred against a marginalized group in the 2018 provincial election to 30 days in prison.

David Popescu, a man in his seventies, was charged in 2018 after he said former Ontario Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne should be killed for her role as a lesbian.

Popescu was quoted as saying in Judge Heather-Ann Mendes’ decision: « God’s wrath is with all who show compassion of (Kathleen Wynnes) kind and order good government to kill them ».

Mendes announced her decision in a Sudbury courtroom on Wednesday, stating that the jail term was warranted as this was Popescu’s second conviction of the same crime. She also said a pre-pandemic sentence would have been 90 days in jail, intermittently served on weekends, but due to COVID-19, temporary sentences are currently unavailable. In addition to his 30 consecutive days in prison, Popescu will have two years probation after his release.

Known locally as a persistent political fringe candidate who has been unsuccessful in elections for all levels of government and has often used open debates to promote his extreme religious views, at least one debate was banned in 2018.

Mendes ruled that Popescu was using the Bible as a justification for his hateful beliefs and that he failed to defend his case during the trial for which he stood up.

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