Ebene Magazine – Tatyana’s day: history, traditions, Tyumen flavor / Society / News Tyumen ru

Ebene Magazine - Tatyana's day: history, traditions, Tyumen flavor / Society / News Tyumen ru

January 25 is celebrated as the Day of Russian Students, which is also called Tatiana’s Day. This name in the Orthodox month comes from the name of the Christian martyr Tatiana, whose memory falls on this date.

This day is considered the birthday of the first Moscow University in Russia, the decree on the creation of which was signed by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in 1755. Ivan Shuvalov, the first curator of the university, chose the date of signing the project in honor of his mother, whose name was Tatiana. Later, in one of the wings of the old university building on Mokhovaya Street, the house church of St. Tatiana was created, which was declared the patroness of students. Interestingly, in Soviet times, this room was the Moscow State University club, where in 1988 the Tyumen group « Instructions for Survival » played their first concert in Moscow.

This day has become the official holiday of Russian students in our country since 2005. The symbolism of the student holiday is emphasized by the coincidence with the academic calendar – January 25 traditionally coincides with the end of the examination session of the first semester, after which the winter holidays begin.

True, this year due to the pandemic and the postponement of the beginning of the academic year at Tyumen State University for two weeks, the holiday coincided with the beginning of exams. And the list of festive events compared to last year was significantly reduced and moved to the online category.

Today the list of events looks much more modest. The winners of the competition of author’s poems about student life will be announced today. Participants were asked to write a poem and post it on their VK page from January 19 to 22 with the hat-sheg #pisusomtihiUTMN. The best poems will be published on the official website of Tyumen State University, and the winners will receive prizes with the logo of the university. In addition, the holiday at 10-00 will begin with a university-wide exercise, which takes place remotely, and will continue at 16-00 with a game library with a public « Galaxy of Geeks ».

The intellectual show « University Dynasties », traditional for the university, will begin at 18-00. By the way, the tradition of competing with teams of students of different generations has existed at Tyumen State University for 18 years. This year the participants of the show will have 24 questions “What? Where? When? ». The lists of participants are published in the Intellectual Club of Tyumen State University – https://vk.com/utmn_iq. Happy holidays to all former and future students!

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