Ebene Magazine – Testing work in Russian was scheduled for January 23 in all schools of Chita ru

Ebene Magazine - Testing work in Russian was scheduled for January 23 in all schools of Chita ru

“We have received a large number of citizens’ complaints about the low quality of the services provided. There are certain complaints from parents, since the children have been studying in a distance format for a long time. The education committee had a need to carry out verification work to look at the objectivity of the complaints. The committee, as the founder of anyone’s rights, does not violate anyone’s rights, but wants to achieve high quality, ”said Guryeva.

She explained the test work on Saturday by the fact that this day was determined for distance learning due to the need to clean and disinfect school premises during the coronavirus pandemic: “Therefore, work was scheduled for this day so as not to disrupt other lessons. In general, Saturday is a day for extracurricular activities and public events. Mock exams, for example, are written on Saturday. « 

According to Gurieva, the classes will not affect the disinfection, because it will be held until 11:00, before the children arrive at school, and again – after the end of classes at 15:00.

The duration of the classes on January 23, Olesya Guryeva explained by the fact that on this day not only test work will be carried out, but also lessons-consultations so that the children remember the material and are ready for testing. In addition, class hours will be held on this day.

“We have events planned for two more Saturdays. We drew up an order in advance. So, we will have IT Saturday, then legal Saturday. The plan also includes verification work in mathematics, ”the specialist said, noting that such events and control work were carried out“ from time immemorial ”.

A source in the field of education said that earlier school leaders were recommended to conduct thematic classes with children in an online format, but on the morning of January 21, they announced a test work.
The source also claims that the chairman of the committee, Oksana Kirik, signed an order on January 23 and 30 to carry out verification work on January 23 and 30, as well as on February 6.
Among other things, the order obliges the school management to inform the committee about children who did not show up for the test.

The protest actions are planned by supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on January 23 in several Russian cities, including Chita.

According to the Fontanka newspaper, the authorities were concerned about the possible participation of children in these actions. Roskomnadzor, on the basis of the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, demanded from social networks to block calls for schoolchildren to participate in street protests.

Oh, they began to pull the owl on the globe, explaining that the study was appointed so that different schoolchildren would not go to gatherings.

We must stop learning Russian! We must follow the example of Putin’s BB! All minerals are in Europe, so we need to learn European languages ​​and Chinese, forget and forget Russian.

Is bulk better? He is a liberal-Westernizer, which means he will conduct a policy exclusively for the sake of the West and to the detriment of his country, he is now absolutely no different from Yeltsin in the late 80s.

« For everyone who did not know this or simply doubted: gangsters used to do chaos, now the state does it easily, » Dud wrote on his Instagram.

And who is this dud? Is he a scientist, politician, expert in any field? Maybe he did something good, implemented the project?

I am ashamed of our power !! The year 37 began, and we did not notice. It is scary to think that the price of your apartment is comparable to the price of the brushes for the palace. Who watched the movie. I’m afraid to imagine how much life is worth. Zilch?!

37 years old, if it started, Navalny was arrested and shot while he was sitting in a cell for three alone, a TV, a refrigerator. I don’t remember that Stalin’s opponents lived in comfortable conditions in prison, if 37 was back, then today Navalny said that he was an agent of the United States, the EEC, Ukraine. So no big words are needed, in 1937 there were repressions, but illiteracy was eliminated in the country, its own industry appeared. Now a small and mean fight with opponents of power, the main problem is that removing adequate opponents of power brought up a destroyer in the person of Navalny, authoritarian and intolerant of other people’s opinions, if you look closely, this is a young Putin, then he fought with the oligarchs, this one with corruption, but we see how the fight against the oligarchs ended, given Navalny’s character, it will end the same.

I agree. On the other hand, I am more and more inclined to believe that the GULAGs fully justified themselves. Soros should have been there for a long time!

Yes, they worked quickly so that teenagers would not go to the rally. But in them our future is in them all the hope. They are different now – better than us. They have their own position, even if they are wrong. We need to teach that it’s okay to be wrong. You can always fix everything.

Otherwise, these teenagers would have thrown everything at once and ran after * Navalny FOR ALL * to the rally.

Each generation must step on the rake of the revolution, my generation has already passed, then the slogan is « Down with the CPSU and privileges », now « Down with United Russia and corruption). As they say, the revolution is started by romantics, fanatics make, the fruits of the revolution are used by scoundrels. to oppose his arrest, from the point of view of the law, the Federal Penitentiary Service was right, Navalny understood that he was putting Putin in a stalemate, that you would arrest and protests from the West, you would not arrest him and Navalny would declare that Putin was afraid of him. or his wife, but the problem is that Navalny is a narcissist, how can anyone other than him claim the presidency, because he should go down in history as the savior of Russia. Therefore, I do not believe that Russia is dear to him, and now, why call for unauthorized rallies because of his personal liberation, again narcissism.

The right decision. After all, the special project « Navalny » is designed specifically for shkolota. Today many people remember the phrase of liberals on the Maidan in Kiev « they are children! » Unfortunately, Russian legislation does not allow to bring to justice adolescents, who often do not understand what they are doing!

And they don’t want to pay the teachers of Chita on time? Nothing that the advance payment is up to 25, and no one scratched it? And that people don’t care about the committee for a month without money? But the check was suddenly appointed.

It is necessary to do a check all over the Zab.Krai. This is either the program that is currently being taught, or multidisciplinary teachers for 500 hours of training.

The explanations of tomorrow’s studies have been sucked out of their thumb, everything sounds like an attempt to justify themselves, but in fact they are shaking at their own skin, as if the youth would not flood to the rally and if something did not work out. And to say frankly that all this is weak because of the meeting? Of course weak

So you send YOUR children there, but with our hands, you don’t need someone else’s. wipe. They decided to promote themselves at the expense of the children, but they have no idea that they simply want to use them in a political game with impunity, no one is interested in their future!

Nobody sends their children anywhere, we are talking about our authorities, which are afraid of everything. And adult children will decide for themselves whether to go there or not.

And who, I wonder, is promoting at the expense of children, except for the Education Committee? Teachers are forced to post some stupid scribbles in parental chats, like, follow the children, they want to use them, etc. In fact, children in their general mass are not really interested in all this. But the education committee simply needs to wipe Putin, so they figure out how to do it

How long will the verification work take? Let’s do it in all subjects, the quality of knowledge is average, if the class is small, then we will cut off the stimulating teacher.

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