Ebene Magazine – The Bachelor’s Instagram post becomes the first violation of the new AANA Code of Ethics


Social post by Anna Heichrich about Runaway The Label, who violated the new distinguishable advertising standards

An Instagram post by Bachelor candidate Anna Heinrich is the first case that violated new distinguishable advertising rules that were imposed in the The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Code of Ethics, introduced earlier this year.

The social post on Heinrichs Griff contained a picture of Heinrich in a green dress and the text “Turn my apartment into a runway [green heart emoji]. Then I go back to my PJs! Wear: @runawaythelabel ’. The complaints filed with the Ad Standards Bureau concerned the fact that the agency had no transparency about Heinrich’s potential sponsorship by clothing retailer Runaway The Label, even though the brand’s products were openly advertised.

A panel tasked with investigating the entity found that the entity had violated Section 2.7 of the new AANA Code of Ethics, which was introduced on February 1 of this year and aimed at promoting self-regulation with regard to advertising transparency and honesty to cancel.

In its finding, the panel found that the practice note for the new Code of Ethics highlights the blurred line between influencer and affiliate marketing and organic, real user-generated content, making paid posts less obvious to audiences. As a result, influencers or affiliates who accept payments in the form of either money or free branded products or services in exchange for advertising must make the relationship clear, obvious, and open to the audience through tags like #ad, advert. Advertising, Branded Content, Paid Partnership, or Paid Advertising.

« The panel felt that while some followers of the influencer can see that this post is most likely an advertisement, the wording of the post contains nothing and no hashtags to clearly demonstrate that it is Promotional material is about « , it says in the report about the contribution Heinrich Post explained.

« The panel felt that branding alone was not enough to make it clear and obvious that there was an agreement between the brand and the influencer. »

Ad Standards noted that it had received no filing from the brand in question throughout the investigation process and was unable to resolve in the Instagram post expressly arranged by the retail brand.

« However, the panel assumed that the Instagram post was authorized by the advertiser as Anna Heinrich is a well-known influencer who would likely publish this material under a commercial agreement, » the report said.

The office said it has not yet received a response to its determination from Runaway The Label.

« Ad Standards will continue to work with advertisers and other industry associations on this non-compliance issue, » stated Ad Standards.

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