Ebene Magazine – The British royal family was concerned about my son’s color – Megan Merkel – BBC News Marathi mr

Ebene Magazine - The British royal family was concerned about my son's color - Megan Merkel - BBC News Marathi mr

Much of the discussion has begun after Prince Harry and Megan Merkel interviewed Oprah Winfrey. Megan Merkel has made several secret revelations in this interview. But there has been no official response from the British royal family to his remarks.

What is your child’s lineage? « I was asked that question, » Megan said. « I will not share the conversation that took place in this regard, » she said. That occasion was very difficult for me. I was shocked. He also said that the question was asked when Harry and I were having an affair.

Everyone is interested in stories like Hero and Villain. I don’t know why this is so. « Everyone is interested in stories like heroes and villains, » Megan Merkel said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Many are paying close attention to what Megan and Harry say in the interview about the royal family and their independence.

The queen welcomed me. Their companionship always feels lustful. « Everyone in the royal family welcomed me, » Megan said.

The program of Oprah Winfrey’s interviews was stopped after 25 years. But even today, he is considered one of the leading TV personalities in the United States.

After Oprah’s speech at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, there were signs that she would be a candidate in the presidential election.

Oprah specializes in talking about the difficult stages of her career with celebrities like Michael Jackson, Lance Armstrong, Sarah Ferguson.

Megan and Harry commented on a number of sensitive topics during the interview. Let us know what the issues are.

Prince Harry and I got married. But three days before the public wedding, we got married in a small way. We told the Archbishop of Canterbury that the wedding would be for the world. We want our marriage to be different.

The news about Flower Girl’s costume was sensational. The opposite had actually happened. Kate Flower Girl was not happy about the dress. So I felt dizzy, tears welled up in my eyes. But then Kate sent me a bouquet of flowers and a note. He also apologized to me. I am not mentioning this to underestimate them. Kate is a good guy.

After marriage, I often felt lonely after being part of the royal family. I had never felt that way before. There were many restrictions on my behavior. I couldn’t go out for dinner with my friends. I didn’t feel lonely when Harry was right. But when he had to go out for work, I felt lonely.

We were shocked when our son Archie was told that he would receive the title Prince. Because the question is not only about the degree but also about its safety. The biggest title for me is mother. He will be the first black grandson of the royal family. Our son will not get the place that the rest of the children have in the royal family. When I was pregnant, the rules regarding the title of Prince were changed. Was that my question?

A decision was made as to whether our baby would be safe while I was pregnant. It was also clarified that he would not get the degree. But the whisper I heard at that time shocked me. People wondered if the baby was black. I will not say who said this. If I say the name, their image will be tarnished. Harry told me this because people were talking to him about it.

I didn’t want to live there. I didn’t want to live. I was embarrassed to tell Harry this. Because he has lost a loved one in life. This frightening thought kept popping into my mind. I asked if I could take institutional help for this fear. However, my demand was rejected. I used to think of suicide. I thought that if I did this, everything would be fine for everyone else.

The firm’s business dealings with the royal family spread a lot of lies about us. It is wrong to expect us to be silent after that. It was time to tell the truth. There was a risk of losing a lot. But we had already lost a lot.

Queen Elizabeth is very good as a man. They always treated me well. They gave me an ornament as a gift. He spoke to me by telephone three times before deciding to leave the royal family. Harry’s father Prince Charles called twice and then he stopped taking my phone.

I didn’t think that what happened to my mother should happen to Megan. Things were moving in the same direction. In the case of Megan, the issue of race was also raised. The influence of social media is huge these days. It is not right to constantly criticize someone. Constantly being at the center of criticism, the imposed restrictions sidelined us from the role associated with the monarchy. Megan’s lineage was a sensitive issue for many in the royal family. There was no one I could talk to about it. I was ashamed of it. The royal family should have shown strength on this issue. But in three years, no one in the royal family has said anything about it.

But Charles Anson, Queen Elizabeth’s former media secretary, told the BBC there was no racism in the royal family.

« He went there because he wanted to live a private life. But I don’t know how to live a private life by giving a public interview. He could have lived in peace. This interview has hurt everyone in the British royal family, » royal biographer Penny Junior told the BBC. But Prince Harry said he still has respect and love for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. But he said he was upset by the behavior of his father, Prince Charles. Earlier, Harry’s mother Princess Diana had to go through a similar situation. They later divorced and later died in an accident. This history should not be repeated, so we came out, Harry said. This interview has given strength to those who are asking about the monarchy in Britain even in the 21st century. An anti-monarchist group called the Republic has said that « for the good of Britain and the young people of the royal family, this street monarchy needs to go. »

His mother, Princess Diana, died when Harry was 12 years old. Losing her mother at such a young age was a big shock for Harry. Harry had said that this has had a huge impact on my personal life for the last 20 years.

Harry served in the military for 10 years. He also served twice in Afghanistan. Since retiring from the military in 2015, he has focused on charity service.

In 2016, he met Megan Merkel. Harry and Megan Merkel were married two years later. The couple has a son named Archie.

Last year, Harry and Megan made important announcements. He clarified that senior members of the royal family are stepping aside from this role.

Megan is an actress, blogger and has worked for various movements. Megan played the role of lawyer Rachel Zen in the series Suits aired on TV in the United States.

Megan has been working for women’s rights for many years. She was praised for speaking at a UN meeting for women on gender equality.

This is Megan’s second marriage to Harry. Megan was married to filmmaker Trevor Engelson. They split up two years later.

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