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The deputies of the Novosibirsk City Council, who are part of the Novosibirsk-2020 Coalition, Helga Pirogova and Sergei Boyko, were summoned to the ethics commission because of the materials that were posted on the Internet. The mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot asked the speaker of the City Council to assess the behavior of the deputies.

Before the start of the meeting of the ethics commission in the corridor of the mayor’s office, the police approached Helga Pirogova, she was handed a warning about responsibility for organizing an unauthorized protest action.

“I said that I am not an organizer. I was given a warning not to violate the law regarding tomorrow’s event. It is, of course, such a cool story, « said Helga Pirogova, deputy of the Novosibirsk City Council of Deputies to Sibkrai.ru.

The meeting of the ethics committee is being held behind closed doors. The press was not allowed to attend the event. Sergei Boyko did not appear at the meeting. As it became known, he was detained at the exit from the house. Sibkrai.ru finds out the details.

The mayor decided that the uploaded videos on YouTube and TikTok were a call to participate in an unauthorized protest, so he turned to the City Council Ethics Commission to investigate the personal file of the “ringleaders” deputies. We will remind, supporters of Alexei Navalny announced the holding of rallies and processions in different cities of the country on January 23.

The municipality did not give permission to hold rallies on the indicated date, and therefore appealed to the police and the prosecutor’s office.

Today in Novosibirsk the police came to the supporters of Navalny. An employee of the Novosibirsk headquarters, Elena Noskovets, was detained. In social networks, she said that a protocol was drawn up against her under article 20.2, part 2 « Organization of mass simultaneous stay and (or) movement of citizens in public places that entailed violation of public order. » Yelena Noskovets announced the day before that she was not the organizer of the upcoming action.

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