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SINGAPORE: By 2025, digital skills will be crucial to jobs selected by various companies, according to a survey. Smaller countries like Singapore are also expected to be prepared for this. It is estimated that by 2025 the Singapore economy will need 12 million digitally skilled employees. It is estimated that of the 22 lakh people currently in the country, their share is up to 55%. Details of the survey, which looks at how employees will face future challenges in terms of digital skills, were revealed in the online newspaper Today Today on Thursday.

Data were collected from 3,000 people in six countries, including Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Six out of every 10 employees in Singapore already use digital skills in their duties. Singapore was second in this regard, followed by Australia with 64%. In terms of advanced digital skills, it is used by one in every five people in Australia, or 22%. This is the highest in six countries. South Korea is next with 21%.

Although only 12% of employees in India have digital skills, a maximum of 71% apply for advanced digital skills. Singapore ranks third with 59%. The survey estimates that employees in this country will need to learn an average of seven digital skills to adapt to technological changes. Of the 12 million people in need of Singapore in the future, those who have not yet utilized any digital skills, the unemployed / those who need a job by 2025, and those who are currently students and joining jobs will need to learn digital skills.

A total of 2.38 crore digital skills training sessions will be required for employees in Singapore by 2025, including existing ones. In India, it is estimated that 39 crore training sessions will be required by 2025. Advanced Cloud Skills for Digital Skilled Personnel in India, Japan and Singapore will be in high demand between 2020–2025. Businesses are expected to face a shortage of data, cloud and cybersecurity personnel by 2025 if employees do not acquire these skills.

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The country needs 12 lakh employees
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