Ebene Magazine – The ducks’ shot selection improves after the trainer demands more hard work

Ebene Magazine - The ducks' shot selection improves after the trainer demands more hard work

ANAHEIM – Ultimately, there were many more to the Ducks’ season highs of 38 in overtime on Friday when they lost to the Colorado Avalanche in overtime. Coach Dallas Eakins made this distinction clear during Sunday’s rematch at the Honda Center.

It wasn’t just the high number of shots that encouraged him, but how and where they were fired from there he liked. The number of shots had a certain level of quality and that was no accident. It was something Eakins had preached daily.

« The biggest problem at the beginning (of the season) was our unwillingness to either move our feet or not be sharp enough to be executed, » he said. Not only is it as easy as ‘shooting the puck’ but getting the job done, and being able to actually shoot it and score is hard work.

« We could come here all night and get all the way to the red line or outside the blue line and, hey, keep putting stuff on the net and the shot clock looks great, right? It’s like, « Oh man, they shoot the other team out between 20-10. » Except for 15 of the shots came outside the blue line.

“These recordings mean nothing. It is these recordings in this area within the slot, within the two points, basically within the two faceoff points. We call this area the fairway. You want to take all of your shots off the fairway, man. I think you saw that (Friday).  »

The Ducks’ previous high was 27 shots in a 1-0 win over the Minnesota Wild on January 18. They fired 18, a season high, in the first stage of their 3-2 extra time on Friday against the Avalanche, many of the dangerous spots on the ice that Eakins wanted.

Several of the Ducks’ biggest offensive threats led the charge after a few lackluster games. Her second line from Danton Heinen, who had two shots, Adam Henrique (five) and Jakob Silfverberg (five), combined 12 of their 38 shots and scored the tie target in the third period.

« (Henrique) had five shots, but his shots weren’t just the effect of snapping his wrists, » Eakins said. “They made him move his feet. He moved his feet. (Silfverberg) was the same. There’s a little more to it than that, and I wish it was as simple as « shoot the puck ». That would be really easy to train.  »

In Sunday’s games around the NHL, the Ducks had only scored eight goals in five games, the fewest of all teams, apart from the Dallas Stars who played seven games against the Nashville Predators on Friday in their coronavirus-delayed season opening game had denied.

« You are doing your best to get them into success points, » said Eakins. “Do you do your best to encourage them and be positive, and do you need a kick in the pants from time to time? Absolutely. We all do that. You have to remember that these guys are talking to themselves in their heads.

« This is the place where negativity is not supposed to happen, but the reality is, and this applies to the entire league and not just to our players but also to doubts. Like crazy thoughts. People who regularly score goals are thinking, « man, am I ever going to score again? »
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