Ebene Magazine – The fired « Mandalorian » star denies comparing the way conservatives deal with the Holocaust

Ebene Magazine - The fired "Mandalorian" star denies comparing the way conservatives deal with the Holocaust

JTA – Actress Gina Carano said she did not compare modern conservatives to Jews during the Holocaust, in a social media post she took from the hit show « Star Wars » « The Mandalorian » two weeks ago had fired.

“The Post never said anything about Republicans or Conservatives. It says nothing about it there. It was more about people tearing apart, ”she said on Ben Shapiro’s podcast in an interview posted on Sunday.

In an Instagram story Carano had written: “Jews were beaten on the street not by Nazis, but by their neighbors … even by children.

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« Because the story is being edited, » she continued, « most people don’t know today that the government made their own neighbors hate them just because they were Jews, to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily bring together thousands of Jews.  » How is that different from hating someone for their political views?  »

« But now, after hearing so much, I’ve actually grown from the experience [realizing] that it’s not fair for the Jewish community to just toss this out. If you use the word » Nazi « Saying someone » Nazi « you have to have a little more respect for them. So I get that. But it was in no way my intention, » she said.

Shapiro pointed out that Pedro Pascal, the lead actor on the Disney show, once compared the treatment of migrant children on the border under former President Donald Trump to Jews during the Holocaust and is still at his job.

Shortly after Carano’s release, Shapiro invited her to work on a film produced under the auspices of his conservative Daily Wire website.

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