Ebene Magazine – The situation every defender fears in 2021

Ebene Magazine - The situation every defender fears in 2021

Geelong defender Lachie Henderson says the league’s new man-on-the-mark rule will make some passages of the game « non-defensible » and believes the score will only increase as a result.

The new rules allow the defender closest to the player who marked a short period of time to decide whether to withdraw immediately before being asked to « assist » the umpire.

If he reaches the mark, he will be given a 50 meter penalty if he deviates one step from his line. The league hopes the attacking team can open the corridor with diagonal steps.

Henderson says if a supporting player storms into space within 50m and no other defender is in sight, the defender just has to stand and watch while they are kicked.

Previously, a player could man the brand and then surrender to pick up an opponent running into space.

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The veteran cat says he has experimented with giving up and standing on the mark, nor does he give him any comfort in his ability to stop goals.

« We’ve worked a fair bit on it. It will be interesting to see how much it changes the game, » he told the Herald Sun.

« It will definitely open up the game and make it harder to defend. There are a lot of different ideas being thrown around right now. It will be interesting to see how it works. »

« I think everyone has tried different things individually. I felt like kicking back in the beginning, now I feel like standing there, but if you are on the right track it’s so hard for you, it is for yours Having done a whole career doesn’t move back and forth.

« You just have to see Jarrod Harbrow run past, I don’t want him to get the footy. You will try to stop him and it’s 50m.

« I expect there will be (more goals). I said to Scarlo (defensive coach Matthew Scarlett) that there will be parts of the game that are indefensible. You just have to put them aside and move on. And that in turn will lead more goals.  »

Steve Hocking, head of the AFL football division, told the Herald Sun that a summer of 500 referee visits to club training sessions by the first round should all be confident about how the rule will be implemented.

A constant disappointment among fans is that new rules are being enacted in accordance with the law, resulting in a 50 million penalty before referees relax their interpretation as the season progresses.

In Round 1 in 2018, the umpires were hot in the 10-yard protection zone, resulting in four Carlton goals from 50-yard penalties in the Blues versus Richmond battle.

However, the league is confident that players and referees who work together throughout the summer during the game simulation will help allay fears about too many 50-yard penalties this season.


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