Ebene Magazine – The star of the series « Sasha Tanya » Lana Lanina frightened the taxi driver with impetuous childbirth – 7Dney.ru ru

Ebene Magazine - The star of the series "Sasha Tanya" Lana Lanina frightened the taxi driver with impetuous childbirth - 7Dney.ru ru

Actress Alina Lanina, known to the general public for the role of Eve
in the series « Sasha Tanya », first became a mother in December last year. The 31-year-old artist has a boy
weighing 3775 grams.
The baby was born naturally and fairly quickly. “Our meeting was incredibly beautiful. No injury. Without
interventions « , – said Alina, having posted on Instagram touching pictures of the tiny arms and legs of the newborn.

And only now the actress told how dramatically her heir named Leo was born. Alina seriously scared the taxi driver.

« Yes,
I am risky, knowing a predisposition to rapid delivery,
decided to go to the hospital an hour’s drive from home. It is without traffic jams « , – noted
star of the TV series « Sasha Tanya ».

On X-day, Alina Lanina went to the clinic by taxi. According to the actress, the driver was in a panic.

terrified of what was happening, the man drove past the hospital and spent
artist an unplanned city tour. « Taxi driver
with a cap wet with perspiration. Neither he nor his cap expected Sunday
in the morning from the center they will not take the glamorous youth from the bar, but actively
giving birth to a lady in the hospital. Not the closest one, ”said the star of the TV series Sasha Tanya.

Fortunately, everything was resolved perfectly. Lanina gave birth in water. Already
40 minutes after arriving at the obstetrics center, Alina was holding

By the way, Lanina did not tell anyone about her pregnancy, apparently
waiting for her belly to become impossible to hide. And she also hid the birth of her son from the public for two weeks.

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