Ebene Magazine – The Thiruvabharana procession left Pandalam following the Kovid norms ml

Ebene Magazine - The Thiruvabharana procession left Pandalam following the Kovid norms ml

Pandalam: The Thiruvabharana procession started from Pandalam. The procession left Pandalam today with the Thiruvabharanams to be inscribed on the idol of Ayyappa on the eve of the cross.

The Thiruvabharana procession started at one o’clock in the afternoon after the special poojas at the Great Koikal Dharmasastha Temple. This time the ceremonies were to control the crowd of devotees in the wake of the Kovid epidemic. Makaravilakku is on the 14th of this month.

The Thiruvabharana procession was completely different from previous years. Although the royal envoy did not attend the procession this time, the large Valiya Koyikkal Temple grounds were crowded with devotees.

At 11.45 am, the ornaments were brought to the temple from the palace under the guidance of the gurus. Then at 12 noon the rituals were completed and the Thiruvabharana spacecraft was shifted to a specially prepared pedestal. After the noon poojas, Sri Krishnaparunthu circled over the temple and gave permission to travel.

Then at one o’clock the Thiruvabharanams started their journey with Gangadharan Pillai on their shoulders by the Guruswamy pool. Due to the non-attendance of the royal representative, the handing over ceremony was avoided.

Today is the first day of the Thiruvabharana procession. On the second day, the group will reach the Laha Forest Department inn via Perunad and rest there. On the third day, the procession will reach Sabarimala through the forest path. The Makaravilakku festival and the great Deeparadhana with Thiruvabharana are held on Thursday, the day of Makara Sakrama. The Mandala-Makaravilakku poojas will end on that day with the closing of the walk after the pooja.

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