Ebene Magazine – TikTok’s color personality test: what is it and how do I find my color?


Internet users can now determine exactly what color their mood is with a test that assigns a pigment to people based on their personality. Videos of the unorthodox character test have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

To find out what shade they are in, users simply go to ktestone.com. There they answer 12 questions, including « How do you act when you are angry? » to « How do you tell someone no? »

Once diagnosed where you fall on the psychological palette, the website provides an explanation for traits, including the negative aspects of your personality.

In a hilarious 370,000-click clip, a remorseful user revealed she had been outed as a green-tinted « scion » defined by ktestone as a « lazy perfectionist stuck in a house who can’t refuse ».

A happier TikTokker revealed that she had rolled an « Alice Blue » which means she looked « cold on the outside » but was very « warm » on the inside according to the online easel. The clip is then cut into a compilation of blue objects tuned to cheering music.

Of course, reducing a person’s complex personality to pixels of color can seem a bit superficial. However, online character exams have long been a staple on the internet. The tests range from determining « Harry Potter character » to « the state in which you should live » based on your personality.

But be careful: The Better Business Bureau has warned internet users not to reveal too much information in these online tests: personal information can be used to hack your accounts.

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