Ebene Magazine – ‘Tour with 2 crore or 6 girls ..’ Priyanka asks tricky questions to Kapil Sharma hi

Ebene Magazine - 'Tour with 2 crore or 6 girls ..' Priyanka asks tricky questions to Kapil Sharma hi

The Kapil Sharma Show: The audience’s favorite show, The Kapil Sharma Show, features comedians questioning their guests in various ways. But once Priyanka Chopra came on Kapil’s show, the actress started questioning Kapil. However, Kapil also gave a blistering answer to his questions to the actress. The actress asked Kapil on the show – You have got two choices, a check of two crores, and which holiday in Maldives with 6 girls will you choose?

On this, Kapil Sharma replies to actress Priyanka – I will do two crores. Priyanka gives a surprise reaction upon hearing this. That’s why Kapil says – I have to arrange these same beans in 60 thousand. After seeing this video on social media, the fans started saying – Kapil’s master stroke, then someone said – Kapil bhai played right, one user said – Bhai Kapil what mind is found. One arrow two targets There

In this episode of the show, Kapil talked a lot with Priyanka. Archana Puran Singh had told that Kapil keeps remembering Priyanka for days, but more than Priyanka, she remembers her husband Nick Jonas. On this, Priyanka says that she knew that this party has changed. In such a situation, a clip of the old episode is played in which Priyanka’s sister Parineeti Chopra has come as a guest.

In that episode, Kapil asks Priyanka’s sister and actress Parineeti, « Did you get money for stealing shoes or dollars in Nick Priyanka’s wedding? » To this, Parineeti replies that they had met both. On this, Priyanka says that it had received dollars. Parineeti further states in the video that she also got diamonds from Nick Jiju Ses. That’s why Kapil says to cut this line. Don’t start asking for my years too.

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