Ebene Magazine – « Traktor » – « Vityaz »: Maxim Lebedev’s forecast for the KHL match ru

Ebene Magazine - "Traktor" - "Vityaz": Maxim Lebedev's forecast for the KHL match ru

Hockey observer Maxim Lebedev gave a forecast for the KHL regular championship match of the 2020/2021 season « Traktor » – « Vityaz ». Stake: a draw for 4.50. « Unlike the Eastern Conference, where all the » hitters « in the playoffs have actually been determined ( yes, even « Cupid » has theoretical chances, but let’s be realistic) and « everything is calm in the cemetery », in the Western Conference not everything has subsided. Although before the real fire, when about five teams go one or two points from each other, of course, far away (we’re not some kind of NHL!). But « Spartak » and « Vityaz » support at least some kind of fire, not letting the intrigue completely fade and die. And now one of the intriguers arrives in Tankograd, where Traktor has a period of another game depression, which has stretched for five matches. No, the Chelyabinsk residents, of course, did not lift their legs up and even in Kazan managed to hook the eyeglass, but the pragmatism of Severstal, which knows exactly who needs to take glasses and who should not be butted with, is still a long way off. Therefore, they tear the sirloin parts with the same « Ak Bars » in order to blow it off in Nizhny Novgorod every other day. Now « Traktor » is back from the road, it will have a four-league home series. Moreover, in its current state, « Vityaz » is almost the only team in which the Chelyabinsk team can have something in this series. Because the other three rivals – Lokomotiv, Avangard and Salavat Yulaev – will most likely march across Traktor. But with « Vityaz » you need to take points, because in the end it will be possible to finish badly before intrigue and an interesting appearance close to the seemingly long fallen « Siberia ». That is, the match is expected to be feast for the eyes. In it, glasses are needed by both, and the guests need them even more than air. Such matches most often end in a way that suits both belligerents. That is, in the main time, a draw awaits us, and after that the guests will score the second point, and there will simply be no one who is offended to the core, ”Lebedev said.

Pyotr Kondakov

Ref: https://www.championat.com


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