Ebene Magazine – Trump administration leases land in Alaska ru

Ebene Magazine - Trump administration leases land in Alaska ru

Recently, organizations and individuals began to receive phone calls allegedly on behalf of the PRIME Economic Information Agency (or from the Prime Analytical Agency) offering financial services and purchasing shares. JSC AEI PRIME does not directly provide financial services and has nothing to do with calls of this nature. These calls come from scammers, be careful!

MOSCOW, 20 Jan – PRIME. The administration of incumbent US President Donald Trump has signed leases for nine sites in the Arctic National Reserve based on applications from oil and gas companies, according to the Bureau of Land Management.

« These leases reflect a strong commitment from both the state and industry to pursue sound oil and gas production in the North Slope region of Alaska in light of recent assessments. With any further action on the ground requiring additional environmental analysis, this is a landmark step and a clear indication that Alaska continues to be important to meet the country’s energy needs, « said Alaska Bureau of Land Management Chad Padgett.

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