Ebene Magazine – Trump supporters gather in Georgia on the eve of the elections


President Donald Trump will travel to Georgia Monday evening to rally for US Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Republicans only need a win between Perdue and Loeffler, both seeking a second term to maintain control of the Senate. (January 4th)

Yukoners will see some changes including how and where to vote in the next general election for the territory. All eligible residents, referred to as voters, can do so in special votes, previously reserved for people in certain situations, according to Yukon polling officer Maxwell Harvey, « It is a new amenity for many that they may not have explored « , he said. « It’s an important option that people have beyond pre-voting and normal voting. » Election day. « A special ballot can be done by mailing the ballot to Wahl-Yukon headquarters in Whitehorse or dropping it off at the designated drop-off point. A special ballot is contained in a secret envelope, which is then attached to a certification envelope. Special ballots remain Sealed and kept in a box until Election Day. In the 2016 elections in Yukon, 1,239 people voted this way, which, according to a report by Harvey’s predecessor, accounted for 6.58 percent of all votes COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, the organization is planning up to 6,000 votes by special election. Special ballot papers could be counted before the elections close. Despite the potential increase, this should not be the case happened in other jurisdictions during the wah During the period, Elections Yukon will monitor the number of special votes received each day and the number of voters who have requested special elections ;; The workforce will be adjusted accordingly, said Harvey. « If necessary, we will count these ballots before actually completing the polls with confiscated teams, » he added. Harvey said all unofficial results should be available on the night of the elections. Elections Yukon has been in talks with Canada Post to get more ballots mailed, and the company could « easily process » thousands more mailed ballots, he said. Harvey also noted that these ballots would come in for several weeks, not once. Elections Yukon is also considering setting up a secure dropbox outside of the Yukon Legislative Building a few days before election day, or perhaps throughout the election period, so people can cast their special offers ballot at any hour. In 2016, 362 proxy votes were cast, an option that will no longer be available in future elections, Harvey said. Regarding eligible voters at a polling station, Harvey said that standard COVID-19 precautions will be taken: more disinfection, physical distancing, an indoor and outdoor area in some buildings for one-way traffic, and the use of masks by polling officers. How plans can change when most vote – old Yukon people will be vaccinated before the next election, he said that is something the organization will then look into. The election must be scheduled by November 18, 2021. Voter registration can be done online. In a first for the area, people can now register online, he said, will streamline the process. Previously, much of the registration was done by enumeration, a process of visiting homes prior to each election to determine the number of voters and where they live. Harvey said that targeted enumeration will take place in the future, but only in a few areas, including new developments. In the future, Elections Yukon may pull some data from some public agencies, including Elections Canada and several Yukon government departments, to update the addresses of people who have already signed up, he said. Yukon will be the last jurisdiction in Canada to move from enumeration to permanent register, Harvey said. The hope is to increase the list from about 82 to 84 percent of all eligible voters in the area to 92 to 95 percent, he said. This surge can help better represent the portion of the population that votes. Based on Harvey’s statement, Yukon would have a 100 percent turnout if only 10 people were registered to vote and they all voted, despite tens of thousands not voting. There are an estimated 4,000 more eligible voters in the next general election, he said. Harvey said that despite the new measures, he expects the election to cost about the same amount as the last one, also because of the aforementioned streamlining processes.

BEIJING – The former head of state-owned China Huarong Asset Management Co. Ltd . was sentenced to death Tuesday for bribery in one of the harshest economic crimes penalties in recent years. 58-year-old Laai Xiaomin was also found guilty by the Tianjin Second Intermediate Court on minor charges such as corruption and bigamy. Corruption incidents often result in life imprisonment and suspended sentences that are brought to life after two years. However, death sentences without the possibility of redress have become rare in recent years. Such judgments are automatically appealed to the Supreme Court of China. Lai was investigated by the ruling Communist Party’s corruption watchdog in 2018 and expelled from the party later that year. In its ruling, the Tianjin court referred to the « particularly enormous » size of bribes that Lai accepted, saying they exceeded 600 million yuan ($ 93 million) in one case. In total, Lai raised or raised 1.79 billion yuan ($ 260 million) in a decade to abuse his position, invest, offer construction contracts, assist with promotions, and provide other favors. He was also convicted of embezzling over 25 million yuan (nearly $ 4 million) in state assets and starting a second family while he was still married to his first wife. Although Lai provided useful details about the wrongdoing of his subordinates, the severity of his bribery, and the degree of harm to society, « were not enough to indulge him, » the court said in its ruling. « Lai Xiaomin is extremely lawless and greedy, » the decision said. « His crimes are extremely serious and must be severely punished by law. » Huarong is one of four companies founded in the 1990s to buy bad loans from banks to help revitalize the state finance industry. Insurance, real estate finance and other areas. Lai was accused of wasting public funds, organizing banquets illegally, engaging in sexual deals with multiple women, and accepting bribes, the anti-corruption agency said in 2018. Investigators confiscated hundreds of millions of yuan (ten) Chinese business news magazine Caixin reported millions of dollars in cash in 2018. Lai was one of hundreds of officials from government agencies, state-owned corporations and the military arrested during a 2012 anti-corruption crackdown. Other high-ranking officials affected by the crackdown include a former head of China’s Insurance Regulatory Agency. The Associated Press

OTTAWA – A new poll shows that nearly half of Canadians were visited with family or friends during their winter vacation. The Léger / Association for Canadian Studies poll found that 48 percent of those surveyed visited people outside their homes, compared with 52 percent who said they did not. Public health officials had asked Canadians to severely limit their contacts during the vacation to avoid massive spikes in COVID-19 cases. But it seems like the Canadians gave something, said Léger vice president Christian Bourque. « Usually, we Canadians are much more disciplined when it comes to following government recommendations regarding our behavior, but it seemed to be a bit more difficult for Canadians during the holidays, » he said. Of those who visited friends or family outside of their homes, 34 percent did so once, 12 percent two or three times, and two percent often. The number of cases of COVID-19 is rising, and the survey suggests 62 percent of the cents polled have little to no confidence in Canada’s ability to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the next few weeks. That pessimism is noteworthy when you consider that polls showed Canadians were optimistic ahead of the holidays, Bourque said. But in the dwindling days of 2020, there have been stories of delays in vaccine rollouts, rising case numbers and news that many politicians have left the country on vacation despite travel restrictions appearing to be changing the mood of Canadians, he said. « I think it made people more skeptical about how much we can do in the short term, » he said. During the pandemic, Léger asked Canadians about their mental health, and Bourque said the latest responses reflect a downturn: in the latest poll, only 33 percent rated their mental health as good, the lowest number yet, he said. « January is going to be a bit gloomy, » he said. Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies conducted the survey of 1,506 Canadians between December 30, 2020 and January 3, 2021. The survey was conducted online and cannot be assigned a margin of error as online surveys are not considered truly random. While respondents were asking the questions, news reports surfaced from politicians, including the Ontario Treasury Secretary, several MPs, and Alberta provincial politicians who have been traveling overseas in the past few months. This despite repeated warnings from local and national governments and public health officials that travel should only be limited to essential trips. In the survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would support a total ban on international travel until there are several consecutive days with a reduced number of COVID-19 cases. Bourque said the number is in line with similar questions asked during the pandemic, but also reflects Canadians’ growing desire for governments to take concrete action to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The federal government has stated that only a small fraction of the active cases in Canada can be directly linked to recent travel, despite banning inbound flights from the UK after a new variant of COVID-19 appeared there, from who is believed to be more contagious late last year. This report by The Canadian Press was first published on January 5, 2021.

Stephanie Levitz, the Canadian press

The outgoing chief judge in Hong Kong said Tuesday that calls for judicial reform in the city cannot be based on dissatisfaction with court rulings as pro-Beijing figures and state media criticize the legal system Strengthen the city.
“The position of the judiciary has been the same all along. If there is room for improvement, we will pursue it. We’ll think about it, ”Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma said at a press conference ahead of his retirement on Sunday.
« But it is not particularly satisfactory when reforms are only requested based on an outcome that you do not like, » he said. « It is certainly not a good starting point or acceptable to say, ‘I want reforms to make sure I always get the result I want.  »
In recent weeks, Chinese officials and state media have accused the courts in the semi-autonomous city of misinterpreting Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, in judging last year’s anti-democracy protests.
Hong Kong, which was returned to mainland China by the British in 1997, operates under a “one country, two system” framework that allows it to have its own local government, judiciary and laws separate from those on the mainland are.
Hong Kong uses a common law legal system and its judiciary often publishes judgments in order to be transparent. In contrast, China’s opaque judicial system has been criticized as often abusive.
Hong Kong’s freedoms have come under pressure as Beijing gained more control of the city last year after months of anti-government protests – including the implementation of a comprehensive national security law.
Last month, the state newspaper People’s Daily challenged a judge’s decision in Hong Kong to bail Jimmy Lai, an outspoken pro-democracy activist and media tycoon who founded the Apple Daily newspaper. In November, Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of the State and Macau Affairs Bureau of the State Council in Hong Kong, called for judicial reform in Hong Kong, citing a retired judge who had been critical of a court ruling banning face masks during last year’s protests was unconstitutional.
Ma also said that neither the Hong Kong nor Beijing governments are pressuring the judiciary to resolve cases in any particular way.
« I want to urge everyone who writes about the work of the judiciary … to come objectively to views based on objective facts, » Ma said, adding that people should examine the judiciary’s decisions because they show the reasoning used to arrive at that decision a result.
Ma was on a jury that last week revoked bail on Lai, who is charged with national security. The panel found that it was « reasonably disputed » that the previous judge’s decision to grant bail could have been wrong.

Zen Soo, The Associated Press

Vacation expenses always get the best of me. The gifts, the food, the Christmas tree and the decorations – sandwiched between two monthly rent payments – siphon money from my bank account. Every year I feel the sticker shock, I put my cock briefly between my legs and then go on like it never happened.
But this year I’m trying something different. I commit to January with no expenses. That means I’m freezing spending on unnecessary purchases this month to help rebuild my savings. Goodbye, pointlessly searching the target app. See you later, desserts.
I’m not the only one emerging from the holiday season in less than ideal financial shape. According to the NerdWallets 2020 Holiday Shopping Report, more than half of vacation shoppers took on credit card debt in 2019 (55%).
If you’re looking to reduce vacation debt, increase your savings, or just better manage your money, a spending freeze can put you on the right track. Here’s how to start (and stick to) a month without spending.
A “no expenses month” sounds strict, but there are no hard and fast rules. Obviously, it’s about cutting spending. However, it is unrealistic not to spend any money at all. There’s no need to take it to extremes, especially during a pandemic when many of us have already cut our expenses.
Everyone has expenses that they cannot do without, such as food and electricity. You can decide which categories are sacrosanct and which to cut.
First, define your discretionary expenditures, known as « desires ». For many of us, this includes restaurant dinner, alcohol, or frivolous online shopping. Leo Marte, a certified financial planner based in Huntersville, North Carolina, suggests using a budgeting app to easily identify your non-essential spending categories. Then select the ones you want to pause.
Next, choose a time frame. A no-expense challenge can last an entire calendar month, 30 days, four weeks, or any length of time. Some people plan a « thrifty February » because it is the shortest month. If that still seems too long, start with a week and see how it goes.
Before you dive into a month of no-spending, really think about what you want to achieve, says Kristin Larsen, who runs the blog Believe in a Budget. Are you planning to pay off vacation debts or student loans? Do you want to set up an emergency fund or save up for a trip?
« If you only go a month without spending because it’s fashionable or because you thought it was a good idea and someone posted it to you on social media, you’re not going to be sticking to it, » says Marte.
Attaching a specific goal can create a stronger emotional connection and inspire you to move on.
A challenge without spending can feel daunting when you tackle it alone. When you tell family and friends about it – or better yet, by encouraging them to join – you have an « integrated system of accountability, » says Marte. If necessary, your management team can give you important tips, security or even constructive criticism.
When you post your trip on social networks or other online forums, accountability goes one step further. It highlights successes and failures, exactly what some people need to keep on course.
« Maybe you post it on Instagram every time you make a meal at home and don’t go to a restaurant. And your tribe gets excited and gives you the praise and appreciation you need to pull it out, » says Marte .
When Larsen goes through a no-spend period, she looks for free resources to fill the void. She downloads free audiobooks through her library to enhance her entertainment. Instead of taking take away, she uses a website that suggests recipes based on ingredients she already has in her pantry. (Try SuperCook or MyFridgeFood.)
Many editions have free alternatives. See what clever workarounds you can find.
Mistakes and surprises happen. When planning them, avoid feeling embarrassed or throw in the towel.
« You could decide, ‘I won’t be going out to a restaurant this month, but I’ll have the budget for a take-away night in case we have a bad day at work and don’t want to cook, » says Marte.
It’s also okay to put a little bit of reward money in your budget when things are going well. However, it’s important to set boundaries ahead of time so you don’t go overboard.
« If you need to make money or have some money to spend, you should be able to enjoy it, » says Larsen. « But I think there is definitely a difference between binging or splurging and treating yourself. »
Creating a « cheat day fund » instead of planning a specific day of the month to spend for better or worse can stem a major setback.
It is up to you to decide if you want to return to your normal spending habits after the month is up. When a spending freeze works well, try to keep the momentum going.
I am ready to crush it. Are you?
This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Lauren Schwahn is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @lauren_schwahn.
NerdWallet: The 7 Best Budget Apps for 2020 http://bit.ly/nerdwallet-budget-apps

Lauren Schwahn of Nerdwallet, The Associated Press

Several politicians have admitted leaving the country for the December vacation, despite their constituents huddled at home to contain the spread of COVID-19. Here’s a look at some of the lawmakers who have traveled abroad. Despite public health appeals to avoid unnecessary travel. FEDERAL NATION Niki Ashton The federal New Democrats stripped the veteran MP of her cabinet criticism after she traveled to Greece to visit her critically ill grandmother. The party released a statement on January 1, approving Ashton’s visit. The party said Ashton, who represents Churchill-Keewatinook Aski’s riding, has reached out to Canadian officials for « best practices, »  » but did not inform Leader Jagmeet Singh or the Party Whip of their travel plans. The statement said party members sympathize with Ashton’s situation, but no, millions of Canadians were adhering to public health guidelines in similarly urgent circumstances. Kamal Khera The Liberal MP announced on Sunday that she would resign from her role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Development after traveling to Seattle over the holidays, according to Brampton West of Ontario, she flew to Seattle on December 23, to attend a small memorial service for her uncle and father, who died of each other within a few weeks earlier this year. Chera has been back in Canada since the end of December. Don Plett, the Conservative Chairman of the Senate, took a personal trip to Mexico shortly after Christmas, despite Party Chair Erin O’Toole urging all caucus members not to travel internationally over the holidays. Whether Plett faces a penalty for a short trip to Mexico remains to be seen. His fate rests with his conservative fellow senators who elect their senate chairman. A spokesman said the senator traveled to Mexico on December 28. Upon arrival, the spokesman said Plett had « considered his travel decision » and immediately made arrangements for his return. David Sweet, MP for David SweetConservative, resigned as chairman of the House of Commons Ethics Committee on December 31 after going on vacation USA traveled. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole’s office said Monday that Sweet was one of two Tory MPs who had been given permission by the party’s whip to make « essential trips » to the United States. Sweet, who represents Flamborough riding in the Hamilton area. Glanbrook traveled south of the border because of an unspecified « property issue ». But O’Toole’s office said Sweet then decided to « go on leisure » without informing the whip. Sameer Zuberi The Liberal MP announced on Sunday that he would be stepping down from his committee roles after traveling to Delaware to be with his wife’s ailing grandfather. Zuberi, who represents Pierrefonds-Dollard’s riding in Montreal, said in a statement posted on Twitter that the trip was an « error of assessment ». He said he returned to Canada on New Year’s Eve and is adhering to the mandatory two-week quarantine. —ALBERTATracy Allard A Hawaiian vacation by Alberta’s Secretary of State for Local Affairs sparked not only a fresh directive from the provincial prime minister, but also a number of other revelations about vacation trips by several of her cohorts in the United Conservative government. Shortly after Allard’s trip came to light, Premier Jason Kenney issued a policy calling caucus members and officers back to the province. Allard held a New Years Day press conference apologizing for the trip and describing the Hawaiian vacation as tedious. standing family tradition. In a Facebook post on Monday, Prime Minister Jason Kenney said he accepted Allard’s resignation. Kenney initially said Allard and other party members who went abroad would not receive sanctions because they were not breaking any set of rules. But on Monday he went against his members in front of the government caucus and staff who were traveling abroad on vacation. He said he had also asked his chief of staff, Jamie Huckabay, to resign after visiting the UK last month. Tanya Fir The MLA apologized on social media after it was revealed that she had traveled to the United States to visit her sister. The Calgary-Peigan Riding Representative commended Alberta residents for following public health protocols in the face of the pandemic. In a Facebook post, she said she had « wholeheartedly » apologized for not doing the same and committed to complying with Kenney’s new policy. Fir is one of three MLAs who lost their responsibility for the legislative committee on Monday. Jeremy Nixon The MLA for Riding Calgary-Klein also chose to fly to Hawaii over the Christmas vacation. Nixon said in a Facebook post that he would « work hard » to regain voter confidence, adding that he had followed public health guidelines overseas. On Monday he lost his position as parliamentary secretary for civil society. Pat Rehn, the MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, spent part of the weekend returning to Mexico from a « pre-planned family trip ». He also apologized for his travels on Facebook and lost his responsibility for the Legislative Committee. Jason Stephan The MLA for Red Deer-South He set a different tone on his Facebook post recently announcing a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. Stephanie said he felt he was following public health guidelines and noted that he had never asked other provincial residents to give up travel. But Stephan said he would return home as instructed by Kenney: « There are already too many arguments in our society and I regret that my actions contributed to this, » he wrote. The prime minister said Monday he would accept Stephen’s resignation from the Treasury Board. Tany Yao The MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo was also on vacation in Mexico. He lost his place on the legislative committee on Monday. —ONTARIORod Phillips When Rod Phillips went on a sunny Caribbean vacation on December 13, he sparked a political storm that engulfed him when he returned to Ontario. Phillips resigned as provincial finance minister on December 31, hours after he returned home on a two-week trip to St. Barts. Phillips, who will remain a member of the provincial legislature, described the decision as a « major error of assessment. » His apology did little to mitigate criticism of Prime Minister Doug Ford for taking no action. He first learned of the Cabinet Secretary’s trips shortly after Phillips traveled to a warmer climate. – QUEBECPierre Arcand The former interim leader of the Quebec Liberal Party regretted his decision to go on vacation to Barbados with his wife last month. Dominique Anglade, who currently heads the party, said she asked Arcand to return to Canada after its Caribbean circles became known. Anglade told a Quebec radio station that she knew Arcand wanted to leave and tried to stop him. Arcand apologized for the trip in his December 29 statement. Youri Chassin, a member of the ruling Avenir Quebec coalition, is currently in Peru visiting his husband, whom he has not seen for about a year. In an interview, Cassin said his trip was not a vacation and he didn’t think it would contradict the Quebec government’s message about the need to follow public health guidelines. He said he received permission from the government whip and Prime Minister Francois Legault’s office before leaving. – SASKATCHEWAN Joe Hargrave Saskatchewan’s Secretary of State for Highways resigned Monday after traveling to California in late December to sell a vacation home and bring back his belongings. Hargrave apologized for the trip. His resignation came after the opposition NDP circulated a property listing for Hargrave’s house, which stated it was put up for sale after he left Saskatchewan. The party accused Hargrave of lying and telling the « wrong story » about the need to travel to California for Christmas. Hargrave remains in the Saskatchewan Party caucus as Prince Albert Carlton’s legislative member. – This Canadian press report was first published on January 5, 2021. The Canadian press

A new mode of payment is causing existential fear among Swedish bankers, who fear that the e-krona, an electronic equivalent of the Swedish currency, could cost them their deposit base. Sweden launched a feasibility review of the e-krona in December following a pilot program at the central bank, making the Nordic country a litmus test for digital currencies. The Riksbank wants payments in e-kroner to be « as easy as sending a text, » but bankers in Stockholm say this will radically change the dynamics of the banking system.

MADRID – Three men died in the same boat with more than 40 migrants and one more died on Tuesday when they reached the coast of Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands. These were the first migrant deaths to arrive in the islands in 2021, a spokeswoman for the emergency services said. There were three bodies and 44 survivors in the boat when it arrived on a beach on the south side of Tenerife before dawn, she said. The fourth person died of heart failure while being treated by rescue workers on land. Three other people were hospitalized with minor injuries. The migrants, including a woman and 17 minors, came from countries south of the Sahara, the spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity in accordance with service regulations. According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, 23,000 migrants came to the US Canary Islands in 2020, up from around 3,000 in 2019. More than 500 died in the attempt. The people who take the boats are believed to be fleeing poverty, violence, or other circumstances including the COVID-19 pandemic in their countries. CiaráN Giles, The Associated Press

UK began its third COVID-19 lockdown Tuesday with the government calling for one last major national effort to tackle the spread of a virus that is estimated to have infected one in 50 citizens, before mass vaccinations turn the tide. Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak announced a new package of £ 4.6 billion ($ 6.2 billion) in corporate grants to keep people in workplaces and businesses alive until measures are gradually eased, beginning in mid-February at the earliest but probably later. The UK was one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19, with the second highest death toll in Europe and an economy that saw the strongest contraction in the Group of Seven during the first wave of infections last spring.

Thomas HB Symons, Founder of the Symons Medal series of lectures at the Confederation Center of the Arts in Charlottetown, has died at the age of 91. Symons first came to P.E.I. When he was a student at the University of Toronto and hitchhiked to the east coast for a summer visit in 1946, he became a regular summer visitor and champion of the island, and especially the Confederation Center. He joined the board in 1986 and founded the Symons Medal in 2004. « Tom has made a profound impact on the Confederation Center of the Arts through his efforts to promote the center nationally, » said Steve Bellamy, CEO of the Confederation Center, in a press release proud to have decades of support and attention from To have received Tom. « The winner of the Symons Medal, which is awarded annually, will deliver a speech from the main stage at the Confederation Center. Recipients included Prince Charles, David Suzuki and Margaret MacMillan. Symons legacy will live on in the lecture series, Bellamy said. Time Symons spent a few weeks each year at Shaw’s Hotel, where he was first hitchhiked by Robbie Shaw, the current owner of the hotel, whose father provided that bed in 1946, said Symons shared the island and his time at the hotel loved their proximity to Brackley Beach in PEI National Park. « He absolutely loved PEI to sit on a deck in his cottage and see the friends he had made and made here at the hotel and on PEI, » Shaw told CBCs Island Morning. « It was something he was looking forward to. In his last years, daughter Mary said it was one of the things that kept him going and was looking forward to a trip to P EGG. « Symons made his mark in Ontario as the founding president of Trent University in Ontario, Symons died on New Year’s Day. In his memory, the family asks for donations to the THB Symons Trust for Canadian Studies or the Symons Trust of the Confederation Center of the Arts. More information from CBC PEI

Cest Durant la Grossesse de Milaine que les parents ont su que leur petit garçon naîtrait avec certain complications. Cest dès sa naissance que les parents ont begin à voir tout ce que lesproblemèmes de santé de leur enfant allaient engendrer. Travel à Québec, suivis multiples, maman absent des mois de la maison. Mais c’est également à ce moment qu’ils ont découvert la Fondation En Cœur qui vient en aide aux enfants malades du cœur, ainsi qu’à leur’s parents.  » Ma conjointe et mon garçon ont passé ses 9 premieres mois de vie à Québec. Cette Fondation a été présente pour nous Auto, moi, je devais Rache à Sept-Îles et ma conjointe était seule. For example, ils ven aient bercer notre petit pour que ma femme puisse s’absenter pour all se doucher. »Mentioned le père. Une petite chanson pour redonner Brian Baker and a connection to the Fondation En Cœur a fait pour eux. This is the decision you made in deciding whether or not you would have a chance to go on a trip on a trip to Walt-Disney to take primary responsibility for 2016. Brian et Milaine organize the souper bénéfice Rêves d’enfants de Sept-Îles, et ont récolté $ 39,000 in 2019. «On a une super équipe de bénévoles. Cest grâce à eux qu’on a amassé cette somme », partage-t-il. Mais ce n’est pas tout, Brian étant musicien depuis des années, a décidé d’écrire une chanson sur son petit homme malade, and que tous les profit de la piste iraient aux deux Fondations qui les ont supportés, lui et sa famille dans la maladie du petit Sam. Il s’agit bien entendu de Rêves d’enfants et En Cœur. Brian Baker has received a $ 1000 remetre for foundations and a New Year in 2021. It is possible to attract radio stations and radio stations for the application and especially for Apple Music. It is not possible to do the honor, to exonerate the parents, to dismiss and save the parents, to get revenge, to get revenge, to get revenge and to fight back. Karine Lachance, Initiative de journalisme local, Ma Côte-Nord

(Reuters) -Qualcomm Inc, the world’s largest provider of mobile phone chips, announced on Tuesday that it had appointed its president and head of the chip department, Cristiano Amon, as the new managing director appointed. Amon, who has been with the San Diego-based company since 1995 and became President in 2018, will replace outgoing CEO Steven Mollenkopf effective June 30. For the past several years, Amon has overseen the company’s chip division, supplying the processors for most Android phones and cell phones, modem chips that allow Android devices and iPhones from Apple Inc. to connect to wireless data networks.

During the deadly second wave of the pandemic continues, the largest morgue in southwestern Ontario has reached capacity in recent days, forcing the London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) to install a refrigerated trailer to store bodies. This weekend the forensic pathology department for the London network of hospitals reached its 28-bed capacity and officials brought a mobile unit to store bodies until the backlog can be cleared. « New processes resulting from the pandemic have increased the time it takes to ensure reasonable accommodation and additional solutions for temporary posture, » said Glen Kearns, chief information officer and integrated vice president of diagnostic services for the hospital, in a statement on The Use An alternative body-holding solution through LHSC is a temporary measure implemented specifically to continue to support the needs of our patients and their families, the Ontario Regional Medical Department and the Ontario death investigation system.  » For the second time, the hospital has used a mobile unit as the morgue has been congested since the pandemic began. Officials say the « capacity challenge » will be resolved within days. Since the pandemic began, there have been 108 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the Middlesex-London Health Unit catchment area. The LHSC’s Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) program is the regional forensic pathology division in Southwest Ontario operated by both St. Joseph’s Health Care and the London Health Sciences Center. This is where autopsies are performed and bodies are held while coroners and families work to make arrangements. « The London Health Sciences Center is committed to the safe and respectful care and protection of bodies after death, » said Kearns.

How long do Albertans remember a scandal? It kind of depends. How long do the Albertans remember missing their mother’s funeral? Amid a pandemic that has forced governments around the world to intervene extensively in the personal and professional lives of their citizens, it was revealed last week that MLAs and United Conservative Party Cabinet Ministers were failing to offer public health advice against non-essential travel and travel Hit the beaches. These revelations were not easy. Even after CBC News announced that former Secretary of State for Local Affairs, Tracy Allard, was in Hawaii despite being turned down on her office, Prime Minister Jason Kenney called a rare New Year’s Day press conference and wavered. It has not been clarified and analyzed what it means to have an advisor and what is even necessary to travel? Kenney said he hadn’t made it clear to his colleagues that they shouldn’t travel even though he and his colleagues were busy making it clear to all other Albertans. There were no shots. No downgrades. When asked who else had traveled, he simply ignored the question, but admitted that his own chief of staff had just returned from the UK. He said he did not know his chief of staff or cabinet minister were out. Then more news of more trips by MLAs and officers and a cabinet minister dripped, dripped, dripped through the weekend. Each news item fueled the anger of citizens who followed government orders as the pandemic continued to wreak havoc. The result was a loud, non-partisan howl uncharacteristic of Alberta. The current scandal goes to the heart of the egalitarian Alberta myth and is so personal on so many levels that it will be difficult to clean the record. Even so, the government had the opportunity to tear off the pavement and step on it, but did not accept it. Why? Calgary-based pollster Janet Brown calls the government’s response to the burgeoning scandal « confusing ». « It’s just a kind of Communication 101 that when you find yourself in a corner, react quickly and try to limit the length of this bad story when you are faced with this story, » she said of Kenney’s vacation press conference and the following weekend. When Kenney stood on the podium nearly an hour late, it was widely expected that there would be ramifications for Allard, perhaps some of the traveling press officers and others who may have fled the stable. Instead, he said it was his fault not to provide public health clues to his MLAs and ministers, claiming he did not know that those overseas were actually overseas. He said it was important to support airlines and that his government had promoted safe travel, although the health recommendations said otherwise. He said no laws were broken. He said he had ordered every traveler to return home. It was not until Monday that Allard said she was leaving the cabinet and that Kenney’s chief of staff was stepping down as well. Kenney downgraded other travelers. The Prime Minister seemed to be hoping that if he just ignored it all, it would go away, perhaps be swept up in the next controversy in a government not shy about wooing it. Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount Royal University and an avid political observer in Alberta, said the press conference « took a bad situation and made it worse ». He said there are three theories as to why the press conference went the way it was: Kenney is deeply loyal to those who are loyal to him, and he did not want to hurt them; There were too many people to punish and he didn’t want to open the floodgates. and although Bratt says there is no evidence, this trip was actually approved by the caucus. « Maybe it’s because the communications guys are still vacationing in Hawaii, » he said. « But it was bad. » This was a time the government couldn’t afford to make things worse. The anger There is some kind of barrier between many decisions and missteps of government and the lives of ordinary people. Some things are too complex. Some things are too far away from day to day. « Politicians can make billion dollar mistakes and recover, » Brown said. « But if the average voter can draw a parallel between himself and the politician and that seems like an unfair parallel, that really sticks with the people. » So there is a cabinet minister who breaks health advice and flies to Hawaii when millions of Albertans have been ordered by their government to stay home. There are thousands out of work who would kill for a paycheck, much less a Mai Tai on Waikiki Beach. Businesses were closed, milestones observed from afar, and grief suffered alone. « I don’t know who advised Allard on this, but the reason she went to Hawaii is because they always go to Hawaii for 17 years, » Bratt said. « People have lost their business. People have lost their jobs. And you have people who go to their vacation homes, or you have people who travel on expensive vacations. » In addition to Allard, it has now emerged that the United Conservative Party’s MLAs, Tanya Fir, Jeremy Nixon, Pat Rehn, Jason Stephan and Tany Yao, were all out of the country. There’s the aforementioned Chief of Staff Jamie Huckabay, and also Secretary of Energy Sonya Savage, who traveled to BC, and Issues Manager Matt Wolf, who visited the family in Saskatchewan. Social media was full of angry reactions from Albertans. Conservative columnists and UCP supporters penned angry letters about the claim issued and attempts to cover up the truth. A government that eschewed the harshest measures to contain the virus in favor of personal responsibility was caught ignoring health recommendations and pressuring everyone else to follow them. It hit right in the middle of populist rhetoric that first united the right and then voted for the UCP. Talk show host Ryan Jespersen, who is not a fan of the Alberta government himself, did not hold back on Monday. « This is pure hypocrisy. This is utter arrogance. This is a number of outrageous examples of ‘do what I say, not like me.’ This is a mid-pandemic political claim. This is elitism. It is the contactless leader of a contactless government who has mocked his promise to us, « he said. « The promise that we will be there together. » That kind of statement brings conservative governments in Alberta to their knees. What’s next? When most Albertans think of scandals over the past few decades, there is one common theme among them: elitism. There is Ralph Klein, who throws money at the homeless and insults them. There’s Alison Redford and her travels and her infamous « Heavenly Palace ». A sort of populist zeal has long fueled politics in this province, from the burgeoning Commonwealth Cooperative Federation and Prairie Social Gospel Preachers to the United Farmers, Social Credit and the UCP. « Self-righteousness is the kryptonite of the left, » Brown said. « Elitism and entitlement are the kryptonite of law. » Kenney knows that. He railed against the Laurentian elites of the East and the coffee-loving (and pipeline-hating) elites of the West. He railed against the elites at universities and investment banks as well as in nonprofit and European capitals and parts of Edmonton and Calgary. And now he faces mounting anger that the elitism most prevalent in the province may come from his own home. Both Brown and Bratt believe this will make a lasting impression on voters. Both say this scandal is orders of magnitude more serious than the recent others that toppled Alberta governments. « When it comes to conservative parties in Alberta, it’s not often elections that topple them or their leaders, it’s within the party, » Brown said. Bratt wonders what it means to Kenney when those who fear him lose that fear. He is currently threatened in a way it has never been before. What if the donors see him as an obligation rather than a champion? What if those involved in the UCP leadership scandal investigated by the RCMP suddenly get the courage to speak? What about the Wildrose faction of the United Party that has signed up for a grassroots party and called for recall laws that are now missing in action and considered unwell? Research by Jared Wesley at the University of Alberta has shown that the UCP’s support for emerging challengers on the right is waning, indicating a weakening of the right flank. Polls have shown that Albertans are increasingly excited about the government’s handling of the pandemic – long before the new travel scandal. Kenney’s numbers show he’s not popular in the province he rules. And then the collapse of trust is highlighted and the sense of a rule for the many and special rules for the few. What does this mean for the readiness of the Albertans to devote themselves fully to their own responsibility? « Are people just going to leave? ‘Yeah, I’m going to have a party in my house. Why not? I couldn’t go to Hawaii,' » Bratt said. « This is my fear that we will see a surge not because of the holidays but after the holidays because of the bad image of government officials. »

According to political strategist and author Alastair Campbell, the government’s response to the pandemic has been in all of Europe very different and that of the UK driven by populism. Look at euronews

The natural areas Canada protects don’t go as well with the places Canadians actually need them, research shows. A paper released Tuesday concludes that the country’s vast network of parks is not adequately protecting areas that provide fresh water and recreation for nearby populations. It is also said that more than half of the areas Canadians rely on for these benefits are exposed to pressures from mining, energy, or forestry. « We need to start considering these other benefits, » said Matthew Mitchell, lead author of the paper in Environmental Research Letters. Das Papier untersucht, welche Teile des Landes in der Lage sind, Frischwasser, Kohlenstoffspeicher und Freizeitmöglichkeiten bereitzustellen, und Wo diese Vorteile am dringendsten benötigt werden. Eine abgelegene Wasserscheide im Norden von British Columbia filtert möglicherweise viel Wasser, aber alles fließt in den Ozean. Ein Bach in den Ausläufern von Alberta hält vielleicht nicht so viel, aber alles fließt in Flüsse, von denen Millionen abhängen. Ein arktischer Nationalpark mag spektakulär sein, aber ein Schönheitsort im Süden ist wahrscheinlich stärker von hohen Besucherzahlen betroffen. Die Untersuchung ergab « Hot Spots », an denen diese Umweltgüter sowohl reichlich vorhanden als auch stark genutzt werden. Es heißt, dass die Gebiete schlecht mit Kanadas Schutzgebietsnetzwerk übereinstimmen. « Einige der geeigneten Orte, um diese großen Schutzgebiete in der Vergangenheit zu errichten, waren Orte, die wunderschöne Fels- und Eisgebiete sind, aber nicht unbedingt dort, wo Menschen davon profitieren », sagte Aerin Jacob vom Yellowstone zur Yukon-Naturschutzinitiative und Mitautorin des Papiers. Es heißt, dass die Hot Spots zunehmend unter Druck geraten: Bis zu zwei Drittel der für Süßwasser, Kohlenstoffspeicherung oder Erholung wichtigsten Gebiete unterliegen ebenfalls der Rohstoffgewinnung. Einer von ihnen sind die Osthänge der Rocky Mountains, nicht nur eine Trinkwasserquelle bis in den Süden von Saskatchewan, sondern auch ein Ort von großer Schönheit, den Millionen besuchen. « Diese östlichen Hänge sind ein Ort, der wirklich wichtig ist », sagte Mitchell. Aber das Gebiet ist stark abgeholzt und gebohrt. Die Regierung von Alberta hat kürzlich große Teile der Osthänge für den Kohlebergbau erschlossen, eine Entscheidung, die vor Gericht angefochten wurde. Mitchell sagte, das Papier sei nicht dazu gedacht, Kanadas Herangehensweise an Schutzgebiete zu kritisieren, die Millionen von Quadratkilometern natürlichen Lebensraums von Küste zu Küste zu Küste und in die Ozeane erhalten. Aber wenn Bevölkerung und Wirtschaft wachsen, müssen Landnutzungsplaner andere Landschaftswerte berücksichtigen als die, die geschnitten oder ausgegraben werden können. « Es unterstreicht die Herausforderung, einige dieser Orte zu erhalten. » Parks sind nicht das einzige Werkzeug, sagte Mitchell. Indigene Schutzgebiete oder Stewardship-Vereinbarungen mit Landbesitzern können alle funktionieren. Kanadier werden ernsthafte Entscheidungen über ihr Land ernst nehmen müssen, schlug er vor: « Wenn wir über Erholung und Wasser nachdenken, ist es eine wirklich komplexe Landschaft. Wir müssen Denken Sie kreativer darüber nach, wie wir vorgehen (industrielle Aktivität), aber auf eine Weise, die diese Ökosystemleistungen bewahrt. « Dieser Bericht von The Canadian Press wurde erstmals am 5. Januar 2021 veröffentlicht. – Folgen Sie @ row1960 auf TwitterBob Weber, The Canadian Press

PEKING – Chinas bekanntester Unternehmer, der E-Commerce-Milliardär Jack Ma, machte sein Vermögen mit großen Risiken. Der ehemalige Englischlehrer gründete die Alibaba Group 1999, als China nur wenige Internetnutzer hatte. Der Online-Zahlungsdienst Alipay wurde fünf Jahre später gestartet, bevor die Aufsichtsbehörden sagten, dass solche Unternehmen zugelassen würden. Beide Long Shots dominierten ihre Branchen. Maas jüngster Schachzug schlug fehl, nachdem er die Aufsichtsbehörden in einer Rede vom 24. Oktober als zu konservativ bezeichnet und sie aufgefordert hatte, innovativer zu sein. Sie stoppten das bevorstehende Börsendebüt der Ant Group, einer aus Alipay hervorgegangenen Online-Finanzplattform. Alibaba’s share price fell, possibly costing Ma his status as China’s richest tycoon. Since then, the normally volatile Ma has stayed out of the public eye, canceled a television appearance and avoided social media. This has sparked fierce speculation about what might happen to Ma, China’s biggest global business star and symbol of its tech boom. “The Jack Ma era is over,” wrote one blogger under the name Yueyue Talks Technology. « It’s too late to say goodbye. » Alibaba and Ant spokespeople did not respond to questions about why Ma did not appear in public. Some see Ma’s trouble as a warning from the ruling Communist Party that even an extremely successful entrepreneur can. t publicly defy the supervisory authorities. But financial experts said President Xi Jinping’s administration was already concerned about Alibaba’s dominance in retail. As for Ant, regulators feared it could lead to financial risks, which the ruling party sees as one of the greatest threats to China’s economic growth. Shaun Rein, a management consultant in Shanghai who said he met Alibaba executives and people who know Ma, said none of them reported the billionaire was in legal trouble. “You beat him up. He’s learned his lesson, and that’s why he’s been silent for the past two months, « said Rein, founder of the China Market Research Group. « Some of his friends told me they couldn’t believe how stupid he was. » Ma, 56, resigned as chairman of Alibaba in 2019 but is part of the Alibaba Partnership, a 36-person group with the right to nominate a majority of its board of directors. He is one of the largest shareholders. I annoyed regulators by speaking at a business conference in Shanghai attended by some of the regulators he criticized. Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan was also in the audience. Ma complained that regulators had an ancient “pawnshop mentality” and were hindering innovation, according to Chinese media. He appealed to them to support unconventional approaches to make it easier for entrepreneurs and young people to borrow. « Tomorrow’s race will be a race of innovation, not regulatory skills, » Ma said, according to the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily with the ruling party’s marathon campaign to reduce rising debt, which sparked fears of a possible financial crisis and international rating agencies prompted Beijing’s government bond credit rating to be lowered. At the same event in Shanghai, Wang warned of new technologies that improve efficiency but « increase financial risks, » according to business magazine Caixin. On November 3rd, regulators suspended Ant’s market debut. It would have been the largest of 2020 and would have raised around $ 37 billion. Alibaba’s CEO later praised regulators for a possible attempt to fix relationships. But Ma didn’t say anything. The last posting on his Sina Weibo social media account is on October 17th. Hong Kong-traded shares of the Alibaba group have fallen 19% since October. Alaba, headquartered in Ma’s hometown of Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai, was established to connect Chinese exporters with Western retailers. The company has expanded into online retail, entertainment and other products. Founded in 2013, the Yu’ebao financial branch attracted millions of customers in a market dominated by state-owned banks that focus on serving the state-owned industries. By 2017, Y. u’ebao was the world’s largest money market fund, with assets of 1.2 trillion yuan ($ 170 billion), competing with state banks for deposits. Ant Group has been tasked with redesigning its business before making its market debut. The central bank said on Dec. 28, asking Ant to focus on its online payments business. This indicated that the company may need to scale back its ambitions and new initiatives, which would detract from its attractiveness to investors. Ma and Alibaba aren’t the only targets for regulators in the tech industry. The ruling party has declared the enforcement of antimonopoly, particularly in the online sector, a priority. Executives at Alibaba and five other tech giants, including Tencent, operator of the WeChat messaging service, and online retailer JD.com, were warned by regulators last month not to try to keep new competitors out of their government markets. Hong Kong stock traders talk about Ma’s disappearance from social media but doubt Alibaba or Ant will be affected, said Kenny Wen of Everbright Sun Hung Kai, « The crucial point that will affect the development of these companies is the recent anti-anti-trade. Trust rules, ”said Wen. « Jack Ma has already resigned from management, which does not affect the operation of the company. » Alibaba’s antimonopoly investigation announced in December targets its policy of banning vendors and other business partners from dealing with competitors. Foreign investors have been shaken, but Chinese businessmen are « pretty happy » with the crackdown, Rein said. « A lot of people saw Alibaba and Tencent as monopolies and oppressive competition, » he said. Ma’s high standing is unusual in a society where popular wisdom warns, « A man is afraid of becoming famous as a pig is afraid of becoming fat. » Others like Tencent founder Ma Huateng, who is not related to Jack Ma, have been known to avoid reporters and public appearances. Jack Ma wears a leather jacket, sunglasses, and wig to play rock songs at Alibaba’s annual employee festival in Hangzhou. Ma, joking that his oversized head and angular facial features made him like the title character in « ET the Extra-Terrestrial » acted as an informal business ambassador abroad. He met President Donald Trump in January 2017 and pledged to create jobs in the US. Ma’s success has earned him a reputation for being well connected politically. However, this isn’t the first time Alibaba has been hurt by its candor. In 2015, then Vice-Chairman Joe Tsai criticized a government report that said Alibaba had failed to keep counterfeits off its sales platforms. The government responded by attacking Alibaba on state media and posting complaints about counterfeit and lousy goods. The AP researcher Yu Bing in Beijing and the AP business journalist Zen Soo in Hong Kong contributed to this. Joe McDonald, The Associated Press

Während Millionen von Menschen darauf warten, dass sie an die Reihe kommen, um einen COVID-19-Impfstoff zu erhalten, der Monate entfernt sein könnte, locken Betrüger online, in E-Mails und in Messaging-Apps Opfer mit Behauptungen, sie könnten innerhalb von Tagen Schüsse für nur 150 US-Dollar abgeben. A Reuters search online, on dark web forums and on the Telegram messaging app found seven different offers for alleged COVID-19 vaccines. Message Boards im sogenannten Dark Web haben COVID-19-Impfstoffe zu traditionelleren illegalen Waren zum Verkauf hinzugefügt.

HARARE, Simbabwe – In Simbabwe, wo Mädchen ab 10 Jahren aufgrund von Armut oder traditionellen und religiösen Praktiken zur Heirat gezwungen werden, nutzt ein jugendlicher Taekwondo-Enthusiast den Sport, um Mädchen in einer verarmten Gemeinde eine Chance zum Kampf im Leben zu geben. “Not a lot of people do taekwondo here, so it’s fascinating for the girls, both married and single. I use it to get their attention, ”said 17-year-old Natsiraishe Maritsa, a martial arts fan since she was five, who now brings young girls and mothers together with Taekwondo in order to unite and fight against child marriage. Children aged four and over and some of Natsiraishe’s former schoolmates, who are now married, stand in the tiny, dusty yard in front of their parents’ house in the poor settlement of Epworth, about 15 kilometers southeast of the capital, Harare. They enthusiastically follow her instructions to stretch, kick, hit, hit and save. After class, they talk about the dangers of child marriage. The newly married girls held their babies in hand and took charge. One by one, they recounted how their marriages have turned into bondage, including verbal and physical abuse, marital rape, pregnancy-related health complications, and starvation. “We’re not ready for this thing called marriage. We’re just too young for that, ”Maritsa told The Associated Press after the session. She said this is “a safe place” for the girls to exchange ideas. “The role of teenage mothers is usually ignored when people are fighting against child marriage. Hier benutze ich ihre Stimmen, ihre Herausforderungen, um die jungen Mädchen, die noch nicht verheiratet sind, davon abzuhalten, früh sexuelle Aktivitäten und Ehen zu unterbinden “, sagte Maritsa. Nach dem nach dem simbabwischen Gesetz erlassenen Gesetz dürfen weder Jungen noch Mädchen bis zum Alter von 18 Jahren legal heiraten Das Verfassungsgericht hat 2016 frühere Gesetze erlassen, die es Mädchen ermöglichten, mit 16 Jahren zu heiraten. Dennoch ist die Praxis in der wirtschaftlich schwierigen südafrikanischen Nation, in der nach Angaben der Kinder der Vereinten Nationen schätzungsweise 30% der Mädchen vor Erreichen des 18. Lebensjahres verheiratet sind, nach wie vor weit verbreitet Fonds. Kinderheirat ist in ganz Afrika weit verbreitet, und die zunehmende Armut inmitten der COVID-19-Pandemie hat den Druck auf Familien erhöht, ihre jungen Töchter zu heiraten. Für einige arme Familien in Simbabwe bedeutet die Heirat mit einer kleinen Tochter eine Belastung weniger, und der Brautpreis wird bezahlt Laut Girls Not Brides, einer Organisation, die sich für die Beendigung von Kinderehen einsetzt, wird der Ehemann häufig „von Familien als Mittel zum Überleben benutzt“. Einige religiöse Sekten ermutigen Mädchen ab 10 Jahren, viel ältere Männer zu heiraten, um „spirituelle Führung“ zu erhalten. « Um » Scham « zu vermeiden, zwingen einige Familien Mädchen, die vorehelichen Sex haben, ihre Freunde zu heiraten, so die Organisation. Maritsa hofft, durch ihren Verein » Vulnerable Underaged People’s Auditorium « das Vertrauen beider zu stärken Verheiratete und alleinstehende Mädchen durch den Kampfkunstunterricht und die anschließenden Diskussionen. Simbabwes Verbot öffentlicher Versammlungen, das letzte Woche im Rahmen strenger Sperrmaßnahmen verhängt wurde, um zu versuchen, ein Unvorhergesehenes zu verlangsamen Der zedente Anstieg neuer COVID-19-Infektionen hat Maritsa gezwungen, die Sitzungen auszusetzen, aber sie hofft, dass sie wieder aufgenommen werden kann, sobald die Sperre aufgehoben wird. „Die jungen Mütter fühlen sich befähigt, ihre Geschichten zu nutzen, um davon abzuraten andere Mädchen geraten nicht in die gleiche Falle “, sagte Maritsa, die sagte, sie habe das Projekt 2018 gestartet, nachdem sie gesehen hatte, wie ihre Freunde die Schule verlassen, um zu heiraten. Einige, wie ihre beste Freundin, die 21-jährige Pruzmay Mandaza, planen jetzt Rückkehr in die Schule, obwohl ihr Ehemann sie zwang, als stellvertretende Vorsitzende des Vereins zurückzutreten, und sie daran hinderte, am Taekwondo-Training teilzunehmen. In dem ordentlich dekorierten kleinen Haus, das mit Maritsas Medaillen und Bildern geschmückt ist, bereiten ihre Eltern Fruchtsaft und einige Kekse zu für die Mädchen – ihr Opfer, um die Bemühungen ihrer Tochter zu unterstützen: „Ich kann nur 15 Personen pro Sitzung aufnehmen, weil ich nur von meinen Eltern unterstützt werde“, sagte Maritsa. « Mein Vater ist ein Kleinbauer, meine Mutter ist eine Vollzeit-Hausfrau, aber sie opfern das Wenige, das sie haben, für das, was ich erreichen will », sagte sie. « Er ist mein Jogging-Partner », fügte sie hinzu und bezog sich auf ihren Vater. Taekwondo ist im fußballbegeisterten Simbabwe nicht sehr beliebt, aber es gibt Taschen mit professionellen und Hinterhof-Trainingsschulen. Trotz ihrer begrenzten Ressourcen engagiert sich Maritsa für ihre Mission. Frühe Ehen könnten zunehmen, da COVID-19 Kinder von der Schule fernhält und die Armut vertieft, Frauengruppen warnt. Selbst einige derjenigen, die an Maritsas Haussitzungen teilnehmen, scheinen unterschiedliche Prioritäten zu haben: „Wir müssen wissen, wie wir unsere Ehemänner glücklich machen können, das ist es, was ist wichtig “, sagte Privilege Chimombe, eine 17-jährige Mutter von zwei Kindern, die mit 13 Jahren ihr erstes Kind hatte und von ihrem Ehemann verlassen wurde, nach einer kürzlichen Sitzung.„ Dies sind die Wahrnehmungen, gegen die wir kämpfen müssen “, antwortete Maritsa. « Es ist hart, aber es muss getan werden. » Farai Mutsaka, The Associated Press

Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario und Quebec haben alle Schüler nach der Winterpause für mindestens eine Woche in Online-Klassenzimmer gebracht, um auf steigende COVID-19-Fälle zu reagieren. Die Veränderung hat dazu geführt, dass viele Eltern Schwierigkeiten haben, ihren Kindern bei der Schule zu helfen, während sie versuchen, selbst zu arbeiten.

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