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According to officials, this earthquake was so strong that even the strongest buildings collapse. Not only this, the pipes present inside the ground also burst. However, so far no major damage or casualty has been reported.

Wellington: On Thursday, on the north-east coast of New Zealand, very strong tremors of Earthquake were felt, in view of which authorities have warned of Tsunami danger. Its intensity on the Richter scale was measured at 7.3. However, it is a matter of pride that even after such a severe earthquake, there was no immediate news of heavy loss or casualties.

The National Emergency Management Agency of New Zealand has advised people living near the coast to immediately move to the higher plains if they feel a sharp or prolonged tremor. There is a possibility of tsunami after the earthquake. At the same time, the US Geological Survey said that the epicenter of the earthquake was about 178 km from Gisborne City, 10KM below ground level.

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Earlier on February 13, there was a strong earthquake in 4 countries simultaneously. At that time the magnitude of the earthquake on the Richter scale was measured at 7.5. Four countries include Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Tajikistan. At that time also, tremors of earthquake were felt in 8 states and in panic people came out of their homes and shops.

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0 to 1.9: Seismograph only shows when there is an earthquake at this intensity. 2 to 2.9: There is a mild vibration when an earthquake of this magnitude. .4 to 4.9: Windows can break. Hanged frames can also fall on walls. 5 to 5.9: Furniture can move. 6 to 6.9: The foundations of buildings can also collapse and damage to the upper floors. 7 to 7.9: Buildings collapse in this intensity and Pipes inside the ground also burst. 8 to 8.9: Large bridges including buildings also collapse. 9 and above intensity: An earthquake of this intensity causes a lot of destruction. This earthquake is so strong that if someone is standing in the ground, then the earth will be seen waving. A tsunami may occur if the sea is near.

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