Ebene Magazine – Warnings indicated as moderate flooding appear in the upper area


An emergency services briefing will be held this morning to discuss a possible flood evacuation plan for residents of the Daly River, which is expected to reach moderate flood levels by Friday.

At the high end, there are a number of flood warnings as rivers respond to recent heavy rains and saturated soil cannot hold additional water.

The Bureau of Meteorology yesterday issued a moderate flooding warning for the Daly River, which revealed widespread rainfall of 150-300mm in the Daly River basin last week with a total isolated rainfall of 540mm on the Daly River basin have been registered and many rivers and streams have risen sharply in response.

Upstream rivers have had multiple peaks over the past week and that water now flows through the lower Daly River.

The slowly rising water at Daly River Police Station is expected to exceed 13.10 meters on Friday evening to reach a moderate flood level.

⚠️Initial #Flood Warning was issued for the #DalyRiver, which is expected to exceed the low flood level from Wednesday evening and is expected to reach the moderate high water level from Friday evening. Please visit https://t.co/JSFcSEf0Cm for more information and updates. Follow @ntpfes’ advice. # NTfloodspic.twitter.com / oBPVjdfUej

Bill of Materials forecaster Billy Lynch said the area has rained 150 to 200 times in the past 24 hours.

« There is still a possibility of serious falls in the area for the next day or two, » he said.

« Conditions have relaxed at the moment, but we expect rain and storms (today) at the top end. »

BOM also warns further east, the Waterhouse River has a small drainage basin, which means the river is very responsive to rainfall in the area. Renewed climbs have led to a major flood warning at Beswick Bridge. The water level should stay at 8.30 meters overnight.

A number of locations in the Darwin-Daly and Roper-McArthur River districts exceeded 200mm of rain in the past week.

In the 24 hours to 9 a.m. this morning, Maud Creek in the Daly River region received 171mm of rain, while the Foelsche Headland received just over 80mm in about 5 hours today.

307mm on Upper 17 Mile Creek (including 90.8mm in the 24 hours through 9 a.m. this morning)


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