Ebene Magazine – What a holiday today: January 14, 2021 ru

Ebene Magazine - What a holiday today: January 14, 2021 ru

January 14 is the old New Year. The coming of the New Year according to the old style is celebrated in the former Soviet republics, as well as in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Romania.

January 14 – Day of the pipeline troops of the RF Armed Forces. The decree on the creation of a separate battalion that would be engaged in pumping fuel was signed on January 14, 1952. This date is also fixed in the modern Russian calendar.

On January 14, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Circumcision of the Lord. According to legend, on the eighth day from birth, Jesus, like all Jewish newborn boys, was circumcised.

Also today, the Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Basil the Great, or Basil of Caesarea. This saint lived in the 4th century and became famous as a preacher; he also came up with the idea of ​​creating iconostases in churches.

On January 14, Vasily, Mikhail, Nikolai, Alexander, Bogdan, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Gregory, Ivan, Peter, Platon, Trofim, Fedot have a name day.

January 14 – Vasilyev’s Day, or Pig’s Day. Our ancestors revered Saint Basil as a strong business executive. In particular, it was believed that Basil the Great was the patron saint of pigs. On the day of his memory, the peasants prayed to the saint, performed rituals (for example, they baked cookies in the shape of pigs) so that the events of the new year were merciful to them.

On this day, family members competed in who would be the first to get water from the well and wash with it. The Slavs believed that this was a special good luck.
It was necessary to set a rich table and certainly prepare pork dishes.
Create a « money box » for this day with an emergency supply of money.

But it was forbidden to start quarrels and scandals, use foul language. Also, our ancestors were afraid to lend even small amounts on this day. Otherwise, on Vasily, you could say goodbye to your wealth for the whole coming year.

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