Ebene Magazine – Women farmers will take over the reins of the movement on International Women’s Day hi

Ebene Magazine - Women farmers will take over the reins of the movement on International Women's Day hi

Highlights.- Farmer movement continues on Delhi’s borders for more than three months – farmers are not ready to back down from their demands, Government too is firm on its decision – Women farmers march on 8 March by holding inklabi mehndi Will

In protest of the three new agricultural laws, farmers have been living on the borders of Delhi for more than three months. They are not willing to back down from their demands. At the same time, the government is also firm on its decision. Amidst all this, the farmers are now going on a unique movement. March 8 is Women’s International Day. On this occasion, women farmers will be commanded by the entire movement. Women will also perform a unique performance on this day. This whole day will be devoted to women power. More and more women reached the movement going on the borders of Delhi, for this message is also being sent from mobile.

There was a meeting of women sitting in protest on the Ghazipur border of Delhi. In this, she decided that on the day of Women’s Day, she would participate in the protests by making mehndi in her hands. Women say that this will not be an ordinary mehndi, but a revolution mehndi.

What will happen? In Inklabi Mehndi, women farmers who are involved in the movement will create Inklabi Mehndi in their hands, they will write slogans and slogans against agricultural laws. Apart from this, henna will be made pictures of crops, fields, farmers’ struggles, agricultural implements like plow, fursa, tractors, etc.

The farmer expressed such opposition on the advice of Rakesh Tikait, could be fatal for the country and itself

Women will also handle the stage International Women’s Day i.e. March 8, Ravneet Kaur is preparing the outline of the unique peasant movement. According to Ravneet, along with giving special honor to women farmers on this occasion, necessary efforts will also be made to strengthen this entire movement. On this day, women will take the stage of agitation on the Ghazipur and Indus-Tikari border. Women farmers will speak through speech and women will also become volunteers in the movement.

According to Ravneet Kaur, who is sending messages to women farmers, this is not the first time that women are taking command of the peasant movement. In the same movement, something similar has happened in the past. Last January 18 was Women’s Farmers Day. Even on this day, women were given a lot of responsibilities in the movement. However, preparations are being made to do something bigger on the day of International Women’s Day, so that everyone can reach us. During this unique movement, preparations are being made to invite more and more women farmers to the borders of Delhi. For this, messages are also being sent from mobile, so that women farmers can reach the platform.

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There are some other plans for the whole day. At the same time, some other plans have also been made for the entire day of International Women’s Day. In this, many women farmers will be called on the stage and will also be honored. Apart from the farmers’ movement, they will also be encouraged and honored for their better work done in the fields. Some women will also come on stage and share their experiences, so that it becomes an inspiration for other women farmers.

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