Ebene Magazine – Zelensky and Shmygal congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of Unity ru

Ebene Magazine - Zelensky and Shmygal congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of Unity ru

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of Unity. The message was published by his press office on Friday, January 22nd.

« To become strong, you need to be united. To become united, you need to be strong. There is enough division. It is important to remember that collegiality is not only about territory. One of the oldest dreams of our people – about unity – is a fundamental dream. and forever. This is a constant work. This is a daily movement. This is not something in the past, not an ideological frame from above and not an achievement that can be simple. This task is to teach yourself to distinguish between your own emotions and artificially inflated politicians. Respect the differences and interests of others in society – those who are not like you, but from whom our people are together with you. And to give in to personal ambitions when it is necessary for a common result, « Zelensky says.

« The proclamation of the IV Universal and the Act of Reunification became the fundamental events for the formation of an independent, catholic Ukraine. Ukrainians showed a vivid example of democratic unification and proved that national unity is the driving force behind successful resistance to an external aggressor. 31 years ago, millions of Ukrainians once again demonstrated unity and desire to live. in a united, indivisible country, having formed a continuous « human chain » from Kiev to Lvov. And I am convinced that we will surpass this achievement by creating a « human chain » from Kiev to Sevastopol, from Lvov to Donetsk and Lugansk, « Shmygal emphasized.

Recall that in 2020, the flag of Ukraine was raised for the first time near the Rada on the Day of Unity. Then the parliamentarians assured that the tradition would be continued.

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