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The Pakistan Baseball Federation (PFB) is preparing to set a new world record, currently held by the United States, when it organizes exhibition matches between the Green and White teams of Pakistan in the town of Skardu on October 31, at the highest elevation of over 7,000 feet in addition to hosting an inter-district championship in Gilgit-Baltistan Currently, Denver, Colorado in the United States is the highest point of play in baseball at 5,130 feet while Skardu is located at an elevation of approximately 7,310 feet Another exhibition baseball game will be held in Gilgit on November 3 « The subject of Pakistan hosting these matches at the highest altitude has already been highlighted by the World Baseball Federation on its website » , said PFB chairman Syed Fakhar Ali Shah at a press conference here at the office of the Lahore Sports Journalists Association (SJAL) « Due to the cold weather that prevails in this region now, it is not easy to organize the matches However, the PFB has organized special kits so that players can meet all the challenges of the harsh weather, ”he added.To a question however, Fakhar said all arrangements were made on a self-help basis without any help from the government.He hopes that in addition to the private sector, federal and other governments in this regard will come forward to play their part as the country would gain a unique honor globally by hosting baseball games at the highest altitude.“Over the past ten days, the PFB has been in contact with the government at different levels and hopefully soon he will come forward to help us for this national cause. »He said the PFB would also set up a baseball academy in Gilgit next month as it had done in Okara, Multan and other places in Pakistan.PFB chairman said Gilgit-Baltistan inter-district championship with four teams will be held on November 3-4″A two-day coaching course will also be held in Gilgit-Baltistan during the inter-district championship to prepare technical staff for this region, » Fakhar said.He said two women from the Hunza Valley had already represented Pakistan at the World Cup held in South Korea and produced great performances mainly due to their better endurance. »Due to Covid-19, all baseball events across the world have been postponed until next year. And now, due to financial constraints, it will be a challenge [for PFB] to field the national team in six international events that will take place in 2021 ”, added the president of the PFB »The PFB needs the financial support from the Ministry of Interprovincial Coordination, otherwise it will be difficult for us to participate in international competitions » Meanwhile, Fakhar said that if the government gives its support to the PFB, the federation could organize series at home against Malaysia, Bangladesh and Egypt, noting that these countries were interested in coming to Pakistan

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EbeneMagazine – UA – Pakistan ق ???? s Skardu is ready for a new global brand

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