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Training sessions of bonding, joking and brutality turned Penrith’s dubious defense into the best in the NRL in the span of a season

The Panthers finished last year conceding almost 20 points per game (1974), compared to the 128 in 2020 which earned them the title of best defense in the NRL

This improvement helped them move from 10th place in 2019 to Sunday’s grand final – a big step forward for the youngest team in the competition

« There was a lot of work to do, but at the end of the day you could do the same things with different players and get different results, » Ciraldo said on Saturday.

« Some of the things we gave them in the preseason defensively were really solid. They ate that and got better every day

« They bought into it, it’s their energy and their atmosphere, and the attitude they put on defense made us a very good defensive team »

But maybe it’s the way Ciraldo relates to young people that made the biggest difference

Ask one of Penrith’s big finalists and they’ll describe him as a joke-loving « legend »

After finishing the Minor Premier, Ciraldo made a bet with the team that if they could hold Canterbury scoreless in the last game of the regular season, he would give them $ 500

On top of the extra cash incentive, success would give the Panthers an average of 12 points or less per game conceded for the season

And after beating the Bulldogs 42-0 in the last round, Ciraldo won his bet by pouring the money – consisting of 100 five dollar bills – onto the players at a team meeting

« It always hurts me because giving $ 500, I’m not used to giving it, » he said

« I thought that by going into the last game we had finished the post of minor prime minister, that would be a nice little incentive to continue and they know how much I love my money

« They chased him and they understood him It hurt me to give them the $ 500

« They picked up about $ 485 and we had to watch the video again because Api Koroisau put about three five dollar bills in his pocket

The Panthers went through their captain’s run on Saturday morning with the same energy – a loud boom box and no sign of nervousness ahead of Sunday’s grand final

« They are relaxed, they have ticked all the boxes of their preparation to be ready to leave for tomorrow »

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Penrith cash in on defense coach Ciraldo

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