EbeneMagazine – CA – Cisco wants to radically simplify IT operations with hybrid cloud


Cisco has unveiled a number of new software solutions aimed at simplifying IT operations in on-premise data centers and multicloud environments

As applications become more distributed, the workforce is more mobile, and the demands on organizations’ systems are greater than ever, IT teams need more information and automation to offer real technological agility With its new agile IT platforms, Cisco will help IT teams and businesses better respond to these market transitions

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Enterprise Networking and Cloud, Todd Nightingale explained how his new solutions can help IT become more agile in a press release:

« Complexity can cripple our teams Our systems can no longer be powerful, but fragile To make IT as agile as their businesses demand, they need solutions obsessed with simplicity This year, technology groups around the world have been tested by unprecedented change This fundamental shift in the way businesses, schools and governments operate is forcing IT teams to transform the way they operate Today, Cisco announces IT platforms for multicloud operations that provide advanced insight and automation to help organizations transform faster « 

Cisco’s first new solution is Cisco Intersight, which aims to become the world’s simplest hybrid cloud platform for connecting private data centers to private clouds With the company’s new Intersight Kubernetes service , infrastructure teams can automate the lifecycle management of Kubernetes and containerized applications in any environment At the same time, Intersight Workload Optimizer simplifies the management of application resources to provide organizations with comprehensive visibility and insight in real time

Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a single information and automation platform that enterprises can use to operate multicloud data center networks spanning on-premises, virtual edge and cloud sites The platform brings together the business orchestration, information and assurance services as well as critical third-party services

Finally, the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) allows employees to work from home by simplifying secure network access across all domains by extending the trustless workplace to any device at any time Customers will be able to use the corporate ISE to identify a variety of IoT endpoints to enforce consistent policies from the cloud

Cisco ISE Now Available While Cisco Intersight Innovations and Cisco Nexus Dashboard Will Be Available by Year End The company’s Intersight Kubernetes service will be made available in the first half of this year ‘next year

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EbeneMagazine – CA – Cisco wants to radically simplify IT operations with hybrid cloud

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