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FUT Champions is one of the toughest game modes in EA soccer game. But Anders Vejrgang, a 14-year-old Denmark, makes things look simple. The eSports player competes in a mode in which 30 games take place per week. The more wins, the more rewards the player will receive.

The mode is extremely difficult as all players want to qualify for a weekend league. Most of the games are usually for the nearby gamer but not the eSports gamer. He has played in the last seven weekend leagues so far and no one has beaten him.

He has won all 210 games and thus set an incredible 210-0 record. GiveMeSport reports that the player has won all 30 games of the last weekend league with more than 200 goals. That’s a crazy average goal for just 30 games played.

A picture of the team he is using for the mode was also posted on the news page. The roster includes some of the best players out there right now, as well as some legends. He has Cristiano Ronaldo as his main striker, but he has two legends to pass him on, including Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

Defense doesn’t seem insane, but it obviously shows that he doesn’t need 90 rated players to stay undefeated. He has Real Madrid duo Mendy and Varane as his main defenders. His bench also has some great players, including Chelsea legend Drogba and Tottenham star midfielder Son.

Anders is only 14 years old and is currently unable to participate in professional FIFA tournaments. But the 210-0 record is insane and a recent tweet revealed that it will be back for the 240-0 next weekend.

FIFA 21 is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X and S..

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EbeneMagazine – GB – FIFA 21 FUT champions: 14-year-old destroyed the competition, record at 210 – 0 – TechInSecs
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