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In more than 100 cricket clubs, players are no longer guaranteed a slap-up afternoon meal. Is this the end of England as we know it?

Fascinating. Are we talking about tea the drink or tea the meal, which have different meanings depending on factors such as class and geographic location and possibly tea includes the drink or not? Somehow not either. And both. We’re really talking about tea during recess.

How was England played before tee 106? That for example. Since the game can take a little longer, there are a number of intervals, one of which is tee.

And what does tea contain? Sandwiches, cakes, cakes, chips and tea for 22 (plus). It’s as much part of the game as the soothing pounding of willows on leather . . .

No! Where? The village square. Some village greens. The Sussex Cricket League, considered the largest recreational league in the world with 140 clubs and 335 teams, has decided to give teams the option to skip the spread and only serve hot and cold drinks during the afternoon break.

Howzat? Well, actually, why? Fewer volunteers, dietary changes, and the pandemic that saw amateur cricketers having to bring their own packaged teas if anything was played certainly didn’t help.

Not having to offer tea can ease the burden on the fighting clubs. What was the reaction? Mixed as you can imagine. « I think it will encourage new players, » tweeted the Forest Row cricket club. “For too long, cricket has had the stigma of pickle sandwiches and a little bit of cricket. ”

And what about . . . I don’t know, Horsted Keynes? Interesting. Horsted Keynes cricket club – home of the HK Horsemen T20 team – is disappointed. « We will continue to offer our players tea at home games and look forward to taking care of every opponent who likes to return the favor, » he tweeted. “In fact, we’re working on a new Pavlova recipe. ”

The vote at the league’s general meeting? For the request (waiver of the obligation to provide tea): 144. Against or included: 89.

STOP THE COUNT! STOP THE COUNTING! FAKE NEWS… Shut up. And it’s optional – opt for pavlova and cucumber sandwiches. It’s also only for 2021. « It can be changed for the following season, » league chairman Gary Stanley told BBC Sport.

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EbeneMagazine – GB – Just No Cricket: Why Did Tee Go Out Of The Game?
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