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Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) decided on Wednesday to quarantine returnees from Europe, the Middle East and South Africa for free at their Jumbo Byculla Covid-19 center to prevent airmen from getting one Make a detour to avoid quarantine.

Previously, it was found that some passengers made detours, landing in other states and then entering Mumbai, as it was unaffordable for them to complete the mandatory seven-day quarantine in hotels. HT had on 29. December reported that to avoid hotel quarantine, airmen would take flights to nearby states such as Goa and Kerala and return to Mumbai by road, train or domestic flight. These states have not mandated institutional quarantine, as Maharashtra has done, to determine if returning passengers were infected with the new, more transmissible strain of Covid-19, which originated in the United Kingdom (UK). .

These passengers could be potential super spreaders if infected with the new strain of Covid-19, according to BMC.

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Suresh Kakani, BMC’s additional community commissioner, said: “We have opened our jumbo center in Byculla for the institutional quarantine of arriving passengers from the Middle East and Europe. This facility is being held for those who claim they cannot afford to be quarantined in hotels. ”

Kakani added, “There are several service class professional citizens who are returning and have requested institutional quarantine facilities instead of hotels. Hence, this facility will be available free of charge as our goal is to ensure that passengers do not exploit loopholes to escape quarantine. At BMC, we urge citizens to act responsibly. ”

With the drop in Covid-19 cases in the city, so has the number of beds in the BMC. According to BMC’s dashboard data, of the 16th. 437 Covid-19 beds in the city 12. 440 free.

According to the protocols issued by the BMC, passengers from Europe, the Middle East and South Africa will be screened and later quarantined in city hotels for seven days. They are allowed to complete the remaining seven days of quarantine at home if they test negative between the fifth and seventh day. The hotel price is between 1. 500 and 4. 500 Rs depending on your budget. If passengers test positive, they will be hospitalized and their samples will be sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune to see if they are infected with a new strain of Covid-19.

Until 28. December are now over 5. 261 passengers from Europe and the Middle East arrived. The BMC also sent 12 samples to NIV, Pune, as they tested positive for Covid-19. These 12 samples are from passengers who died between the 24th. November and 22. Arrived from the UK on December 31st.

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LevelMagazine – GB – Mumbai Citizenship to Quarantine International Airmen for Free at its facility in Covid-19
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