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Redundancies rose to a record high of 370 in the third quarter of the year. 000, with young people hardest hit, official figures show.

The number of workers on the payroll in the UK has fallen slightly over the past month and dropped to 819 between February and November due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 000 fell, said the Office for National Statistics.

A third of those job losses were in the hospitality industry, which yesterday called for more financial support as thousands more pubs, bars and restaurants were told to close under Tier 3 restrictions.

Some 1. 7 million people are officially unemployed, which means that they are unemployed and actively looking for a job. The unemployment rate rose to 4. 9 percent in October versus 3 percent. 7 percent before the pandemic. People aged 16 to 24 were most likely to lose their jobs, while 35 to 49 year olds were the safest before firing.

The vacancies continue to increase, but remained 31. 5 percent below pre-pandemic levels, which means that unemployed people can still find it difficult to find new jobs.

Darren Morgan, director of economic statistics at ONS, said the numbers showed there was « another slowdown in the labor market ». .

« In the three months to October, employment still fell sharply and unemployment rose, but the number of people who were neither working nor looking for work hardly changed.

« Average hours per worker continued to recover, even though that was before the second lockdown in England.

« While there has been another record increase in layoffs in the past three months, they began to decline in October. «  »

While the unemployment rate remains relatively low in historical comparison, it does not record how many people take vacation and do not work or only work part-time. Total weekly working hours – viewed by some economists as the best measure of the labor market during the pandemic – declined nearly 10 percent to 960 million.

That was up by 104. 9 million hours compared to the three months to July when many shops, pubs and restaurants were closed.

The number of applicants, which includes both low-income and unemployed people, rose slightly to 2. 7 million.

Figures refer to the period shortly before England entered a second national lockdown. The government then decided to extend its vacation program until March to ensure that workers unable to work receive up to 80 percent of their wages.

« With so many lost their jobs and with a challenging winter season yet to come, it is important that the government strengthen our social safety net so people get the support they need, » said Ben Harrison, director of labor Foundation, endowment.

« This should start with reversing plans to cut essential universal loan payments by £ 20 a week and removing the risk of penalties for those seeking work in these difficult circumstances. ”

Secretary of Labor Mims Davies said: « It has been a really challenging year for many families, but with the launch of a vaccine that may follow, and the number of job openings, there is hope for 2021. « 

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EbeneMagazine – GB – Record number of layoffs between August and October
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