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The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Central Area team on Wednesday arrested three smugglers with bear nails and leopard skins. The team took this action jointly with STF Odisha and Forest Department in Bargarh, Odisha. This gang of smugglers was active in Chhattisgarh including Odisha. The team was arrested when the three smugglers arrived to sell a part of the wildlife including skins.

Action in Odisha The team reached Jabalpur in Odisha on the instructions of Additional Director WCCB Tilottama Verma and DIG Jai Narayan Pankaj. The WCCB team of Central Zone Jabalpur reached Bargarh in Odisha on Wednesday. In a joint operation with STF Odisha and Forest Department, three smugglers were caught. All three reached there in an attempt to sell wildlife parts.

WCCB deputy director Abhijit Roy Chaudhary said that the team led by DSP STF Odisha Vilasini Nayak arrested the three accused, Satyawan Sahu, Souki Dathua, Maita Bhuye, residents of Khajuria Bargarh after a 15-hour battle. All three arrived there with a bag. A search of the bag found a leopard skin, 11 bear bears and four leopard front teeth.

TI Kaushik Mandal of JailWCCB, who has gone hunting for tiger a year ago, said that the body parts of the wildlife obtained are covered under Wildlife Schedule I. After interrogating the three suspects, it was discovered that it was a large hunter gang. A year ago, gang members have gone to jail for tiger hunting. The gang is active in Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The names of other accused are also expected to be revealed.

The leopard was shot by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), the headquarters of the central region in Jabalpur. Its jurisdiction is MP, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand. The team is continuously campaigning against wild smugglers in all the four regions. The leopard seized from the three smugglers was shot by the accused. Its mark remains in the skin. A year ago, the accused had hunted. Likewise, he had hunted the bear with a current.

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Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

EbeneMagazine – IN – Big action of WCCB: Three smugglers with bear nails and leopard skins nabbed in Odisha
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