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Hockey observer Maxim Lebedev gave a forecast for the KHL regular season 2020/2021 match Metallurg Mg – Neftekhimik. Bet: Metallurg win in regulation time in 1. 41. “The main question of our time: a home draw between Magnitka and Ak Bars (the fact that later the Urals lost in shootouts is a second time) – what is it? The return of Magnitka or the slackness of Ak Bars? It is already known that Kazan residents are lax even in the presence of Kvartalnov himself.. But usually the dopenism of the “big Tatars” is manifested in matches with someone from the very inferior, for example, in Khabarovsk. In general, it will be wildly funny if, having torn the British flag in the match with Ak Bars and having played only one point in it, the exhausted Magnitka will now merge at home with Neftekhimik. And if now Ilya Petrovich Vorobyov is mainly regretted, sympathizing with the heap of problems that has fallen on the team, then in the event of a kick from the « little Tatars », long forgotten by everyone, abandoned and living this season in the basement space, they will point a finger at the head coach of Magnitka without holding back Homeric laughter. Therefore, it is almost impossible to make a correct forecast without thoroughly understanding what exactly happened in the match against Ak Bars. If « Magnitka » rises, it will easily move over « Neftekhimik », as did Salavat Yulaev on a tour earlier. If the leopards in Magnitogorsk, to put it mildly, suffered from garbage, then in the upcoming match everything is possible. Moreover, the match with the « big Tatars » still took a lot of strength from the Urals. The information « from the blower » suggested that the truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between. And « Magnitogorsk » looked decent enough, and « Ak Bars » definitely did not include the fifth gear. Based on this information, I assume the hard-won and tortured victory of Magnitka is as heavy as the conscience of a murderer.. The minimum, in one puck, but still in regulation time, ”said Lebedev.

Pyotr Kondakov

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Metallurg Mg – Neftekhimik: Maxim Lebedev’s bet on the KHL match
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Metallurg Mg – Neftekhimik: Maxim Lebedev’s bet on the KHL match
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