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One can argue for a long time about the best skater of our time, but the title of the sexiest single woman does not raise questions. The magnificent Elizaveta Tuktamysheva was firmly entrenched in this role..

Lisa’s sensual performances lead men to ecstasy, and her relaxedness is felt outside the rink. The girl does not hesitate to upload candid photos and speaks freely on intimate topics. Due to the absence of complexes, Tuktamysheva gained such fame that Zagitova and Medvedeva can only dream of. The whole world started talking about the gorgeous Russian figure skater!

Lisa burst into our figure skating at the age of 12 in the status of a child prodigy and the main Olympic hope. But neither then, nor even after the victory at the 2015 World Cup, they did not talk about her as much and emotionally as in the fall of 2018.

At the demonstration performances after the victorious stage of the Grand Prix in Canada, Tuktamysheva delighted the audience (especially the male part) with a bold and frank act, the video of which blew up the Internet.

The world champion chose a daring image of a stewardess for herself. In the middle of the number, the skater went into a rage so much that it seemed that the blouse flew off her at the behest of her heart. But in fact it was the idea of ​​Alexei Mishin.

« Lisa wanted to do » Stewardess « for Toxic Britney Spears. I said that this is not the most positive character, and that the number should reflect the content of the clip, in which the erotic beginning was very vividly presented.. It was me who had the idea to open up and take off my jacket, ”the coach admitted in an interview with Sport-Express after the triumphant premiere..

In Japan, Tuktamysheva repeated a resonant trick, and this time she almost lost her bra. He literally held on to the last fastener.

Along with rave reviews, Lisa received a ton of criticism. Moreover, the athlete was condemned not only by the fans, but also by colleagues. The most striking conflict happened with the skater Anna Pogorila, who spoke sharply about Lisa’s number.

« I do not share these enthusiasm. Do you think undressing on the ice or in another public place is decent? I certainly couldn’t. I respect myself as a girl, a woman. I would be uncomfortable when in the future my child looks at such performances and asks: « Mom, what is this? », Anna was indignant in an interview with « Arguments and Facts ».

Lisa took Pogorila’s criticism with hostility and boldly responded to her on Twitter. « Anya, you have been paying too much attention to me lately.. Although I have no problems with attention. Are you worried about my future children? First of all, I will teach them to respect their elders, their coach and the work of other athletes, and not look for excuses in their failures from other people, ”retorted Tuktamysheva.

Olympic champion Tatyana Navka also stood up for Lisa. “Are they indignant that they have not completely undressed, or what? If you look at the essence, the girls-skaters skate in shorts, « Navka was indignant in an interview with Realnoe Vremya..

Supported by a friend and figure skater Betina Popova. « When I have a child and he asks: » Mom, what is this? « . Lisa thanked her friend for her support.

Lisa admitted that only sex can be better than figure skating, and also announced her readiness to appear in a men’s magazine.

« I am one of those girls who do not hesitate to talk about sex, » – said Lisa in an interview with Maria Command.

Gradually, Tuktamysheva stopped provoking the audience, focusing on sports. In addition, health problems and a crumpled ending to the 2018/19 season set on a more serious mood..

Now Lisa is the only figure skater over 20 years old who performs quadruple jumps and triple axel. A bright Russian figure skater, by her example, shows that the most difficult jumps can be successfully performed even after adolescence, having not a girlish, but already a female figure.

Let it be hard for Liza to fight for victory with young supertalents, but in demonstration performances she is out of competition.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – The sexiest figure skater in Russia undressed right on the ice. The video went viral
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The sexiest figure skater in Russia undressed right on the ice. The video went viral
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