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December 5 is traditionally celebrated as Volunteer Day. The work of volunteers is invaluable, it covers various social spheres and is aimed at providing gratuitous assistance for the good of society. Altapress. ru made a selection of touching congratulations in poetry, prose and SMS.

The work of volunteers is important, necessary,
They change the world at times
The fact that in the rain, heat and cold
Support with a friendly hand.
They do not expect payment, promotion,
Calmly give their work.
They have this point of view
They feel so, live.
Thanks to those who help
To everyone who is weaker. Always like this:
Who feels and understands
In those, kindness is a sign.

Thank you for your voluntary work,
He is doubly appreciated by all of us!
May success always await you in life,
We need such people in the country!
Ready to show others an example
How wonderful it is to always do good!
Not demanding any rewards in return,
You want to turn the world into a fairy tale!
Thank you for your bright deeds,
May everything return a hundredfold to you,
We wish your life to be
Happy and bathed in bright sun!

Volunteers, volunteers,
Congratulations to you today.
May good luck accompany
And the eye burns with passion.
We want to say thank you
For efforts and labors,
Don’t let the trouble touch you
And let there be no enmity.
We wish you strength, health,
Courage and will,
Only joyful, happy
And a successful share.

Help of a neighbor is the main hope of any person. Heartlessness and heartlessness kill the world of human relations. Thank you, volunteers, for your time donated to others, for your work and hospitality.. Let your example be indicative for everyone. Your heart will never become empty of feelings, and your life energy will not fade away. Your nobility knows no boundaries.

Happy Volunteer Day, we congratulate people with a wide soul, full of kindness and responsiveness! Volunteer activity is worthy and selfless. Thank you and bow for your work, constant desire to help those in need! We wish you to receive many gifts of fate in the form of health, happiness, love and longevity for your pure hearts..

May there be enough time and energy for everything planned and planned. May your actions always end in your personal victory. Act always, act in any situation, no matter what, no matter what the circumstances. May your mission always be achievable, and your actions will be appreciated. Do good, and let it return to you at times in greater quantities.

We glorify the volunteers,
We wish everyone well
Peace, joy, good luck
And warmth.
Let the calling inspire
Gives joy and enthusiasm
May luck lead with you
Your special conversation.

Thank you volunteers,
For honest, voluntary work,
You are all ready to fold mountains,
After all, people are waiting for help!
Do good, may always
Good deeds are successful!
For years of honest work
Benefits will return to you!

Verse, Volunteering

EbeneMagazine – RU – Volunteer Day 2020: pleasant congratulations in poetry, prose and SMS
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