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Happy Monday Morning, Illinois If a lame duck session sounds like a lame duck session, it should be – compromise or not

The hostile relationship between Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot and the White House is coming to an end, but the presence of President-elect Joe Biden at the helm does not mean that the mayor will see the burdens of the 2021 budget proposal that I submitted

“With Republicans retaining control of the Senate, it is not at all clear that any additional money will flow through stimulus,” Lightfoot told Playbook in an interview before the start of the presidential race on Saturday. “Mitch McConnell dug his feet on the ground before Election We have not heard any Scotchlpot about the possibility of a lame duck, and I think this is unlikely. I don’t think we will have any clarity until the new year.

One day after his re-election – and Democratic lawmakers incurred several unexpected losses – McConnell announced he was interested in moving relief action before the end of the year rather than weighing him in 2021. Even if the stimulus package is considered, it is not clear to what extent. He found, it could include money for state and state governments, as many Republicans in the Senate are reluctant to support any new package exceeding a trillion dollars.

This means that the mayor works to persuade city council members to approve the 2021 budget proposal – a plan that does not depend on any federal money.

Lightfoot said she is meeting with city councilors, individually and in groups, to talk about the budget. She needs 26 local councilors to support a budget plan that must be completed by the end of December – before Biden moves to the White House.

The mayor’s budget proposal includes an increase in property tax, vacation and layoffs (it won’t happen until March, giving workers leaders time to find other savings and letting the new Congress pass another stimulus package)

Show Lightfoot to Municipal Council Members: Make tough decisions now or deal with them before pension payments swell again in 2022 – just before the 2023 municipal elections

“Given the growing pension debt and lack of funding in the four pension funds, there will be an account, and that account now so make the hard call now,” she said, “You can throw off the box down the road, but in practice, would you want to take this Decisions in 2022 on the eve of your re-election?

House Speaker Michael Madigan faces his leadership’s largest open revolt in years, calling for lawmakers to support while he may garner enough votes for another state, but Playbook sources say some lawmakers are weighing a heavy price: he promises that It will be another

The question is whether this will be sufficient to prevent members of the House from turning their backs on him before the January election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives re-counting Bob Morgan (58) announced Sunday that he “will not support Mike Madigan as a speaker under any circumstances. Statement: « The allegations surrounding Parliament Speaker Madigan and the Commonwealth of Edison are deeply disturbing, as are the [previous] allegations of sexual harassment by his top aides. » Leadership demands responsibility, and the Illinois culture of mistrust and corruption rests at Mike Madigan’s feet. ”

Morgan follows seven other actors who say they will also not vote for Madigan, who needs 60 votes to keep his position.

On Saturday, Rep. Thaddeus Jones (29th) sent a statement defending Madigan and reminding his critics of what he had done for the state

“Had Spokesman Madigan not standing before former Governor [Bruce] Rauner and his failed policies, there would be no Governor [Yep] Pritzker or Sean [Dick] Durbin, or a Democratic majority in Illinois in 2015, when Bruce Runner threatened to destroy social service programs. And holding Illinois in danger for trying to achieve a racist and paper-like agenda, it was House Speaker Michael J. Madigan who stood before the Democrats and declared that we are « fighting for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. » “As a strong Democrat who has faced opposition in every election, and at every level, I urge Senator Durbin, Governor of Pritzker and others to stop the blame game and join together to save Illinois from the last four years of President Trump’s atrocious policies.”

Delegate Martin Moylan (55) expressed similar support for Madigan in a statement: “To criticize President Madigan while Democrats continue to compete and win in provinces that Republicans have held for decades is absurd.

The looming questions about Madigan’s future as a speaker come at a time of extreme uncertainty in Springfield.

The legislative veto session that is supposed to start on November 17th is in the air with the increase in concerns about the Corona virus. The central regions of the country are witnessing an increase in cases of Covid and a decrease in hospital beds, not to mention the presence of lawmakers from those regions questioning the support of efforts Mitigation There is no actual veto to observe, so leaders are looking to whether other legislation under discussion is time-sensitive, including a black agenda on criminal justice and diversity that is on track to be ready for the hearing if it starts next week.

The state, like the city of Chicago, will likely not know if it will see any federal funding from a stimulus package that allows lawmakers to talk about the budget.

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On Sunday, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported 42 additional deaths and 1,009 new confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus disease. That’s a total of 10,196 deaths and 487,987 cases in the primary positive state statewide Illinois for seven days for cases as a percentage of total testing from November 1 through 7 is 106 percent. Chicago’s positivity rate is 124 percent

– Pandemic on the way to overrun the US health system before Biden takes office: “The nation’s healthcare system is already collapsing under the burden of an outbreak approaching 10 million cases nationwide [Joe] Biden, who appointed the Coronavirus Task Force on Monday, pledged to confront a new shortage of protective equipment for health workers and oversee the distribution of masks, test kits and vaccines while strengthening contact tracing and re-engaging with the World Health Organization, but all of these measures – a sharp departure from the administration’s response The patchy Trump who put the burden on the states – they will have to wait for Biden to take office, ”by Dan Goldberg and Alice Miranda Olstein of Politico

Biden will announce the Coronavirus Task Force today among the public health experts and government leaders on the list: Chicago-born Dr. Zick Emmanuel, brother of former Mayor Ram Emanuel, and former Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Julie Morita, who is now vice president. The executive at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is among the public health experts Biden will announce today to the Coronavirus Task Force.

– Illinois’ first Covid-19 death predicted 10,000 cases today: “To see where the patterns might appear in the next six months, we looked for evidence in the data on the road to 10,000 deaths – starting with Cook County, which was Hit hard first, « Whet Moser writes for WBEZ

– Stop ignoring contact tracing calls, health officials ask when identifying outbreaks across Illinois: « Just like wearing a mask, answering a contact tracing call is a way to help keep your family safe and protect your community, » Yep Pritzker said by Kelly Bauer of Block Club

– Pritzker, staff test negative for Covid-19: A day after Gov Y Pritzker announced that he would self-isolate after his potential exposure to Covid-19, and he and his staff declared that they had not had the virus, his office announced Saturday The potential exposure arose from a [November 2] meeting held in a large conference room in the governor’s office, according to a statement from the governor’s office, by the Sun-Times

– Preckwinkle employees have tested positive for Covid-19: “Preckwinkle has no symptoms, but will undergo a COVID test and isolate until results emerge, her office said, by Sun-Times

A supporter of President-elect Joe Biden celebrates while riding his bike outside Trump Tower on Saturday in Chicago | AP Photo by Paul Beaty

– Pressure mounting on the federal agency to confirm Biden’s victory: “Until the General Services Administration decides that Biden is the president-elect, his transitional team cannot access government funds or communicate with federal agencies,” Posted by Alex Thompson at Politico

– Score revealed: Who voted against the progressive income tax? Most of them were voters outside of Chicago: “In Chicago, most voters were in favor of the measure with more than 71 percent voting ‘yes.’ The biggest support came from the majority black factions in the city, with more than 82 percent voting for graded income tax, according to WBEZ’s analysis of statistics as of From Thursday, « by Alden Lowry

– Trump v Biden: Inside the politically divided 41st Wing in Chicago: “Centered around the Edison Park neighborhood east of O’Hare International Airport, the wing was among the narrowest sections of the city with 50 and 87 percent of the vote went to former Vice President Joe Biden Versus 475% for President Donald Trump, according to unofficial results,  » by Alice Yen and John Byrne of the Tribune

– Willie Wilson lost all 18 of the Black Wings in the UX Senate race: “Election data shows Wilson finished second after two rounds in all 18 Black Wings but ahead of Republican candidate Mark Curran Jr. overall, Durbin received a total of 243,193 Black Wards, or 7594% of the black vote, Durbin received 70 percent of the vote in 16 black wings and won more than 80 percent of the vote in the fourth and fifth rounds, according to election data there were 16 black wards with Wilson getting less than 20 Percent of votes, ”according to reports by Eric Johnson

At the statewide, Wilson received 4 percent of the vote, less than the 5 percent needed to award Willie Wilson’s party official standing in Illinois

– Rep. Lauren Underwood leads Republican contender Jim Oberoi as the count continues in the fiercely contested IL-14 race after a Lake County ballot is counted over the weekend, Underwood scores 192580 votes against 191443 in Oberoi Lake is one of seven counties in the Fourteenth Congressional District, McHenry County also counting votes

– State Senator Robert Martwick’s lead over Republican Anthony Beekman grew as election officials continued to count the incoming mail and provisional ballots about 3,000 votes separating them now on election night. The race was separated by about 80 votes, as is the case with a number of races at the level of State, election officials are not yet ready to contact

– The blue wave sinks in DuPage County, aiding the democratic transformation of the once-but-republican stronghold? DuPage County, formerly known as one of the most solid Republican regions in the country, appears to have given Democrats control of a county assembly for the first time since the 1930s. Two other Democrats are leading their race for county office, and another may join them. When the final votes are counted, ”by John Kellman of The Tribune

– Many immigrants in the Chicago area look to Biden’s presidency, but we will « hold him accountable »: “Biden’s victory is a sign of hope for some immigrants, in part because he promised to do so in the first 100 days that you will introduce an immigration reform bill to create a path for citizenship for an estimated 11 million people without legal status as an immigrant but Toribio and other immigrants say they will remain skeptical and vigilant to hold the new president accountable, ”by Laura Rodriguez Brisa of Tribune

Join Thursday: Women’s Governance Roundtable: 2020 proved to be the year of history-making for women in politics We have seen the first black woman elected to the office of Vice President, a record number of Republican women running for Congress, and women of color running for public office at its highest levels Absolutely join Elizabeth Ralph from Politico, Shanica Maclendon from Crooked Media, and win a Yousefi woman for women to delve into the results of women candidates in the 2020 election cycle and what progress we still need to see for women in politics Register here

Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, was the answer to the New York Times magazine crossword puzzle (H / T Andrea Hanis)

– Moody Bible Institute was shaken by allegations of mishandling allegations of sexual misconduct; One of the leaders resigns, the other is on vacation: « Tim Arens and Rachel Puente were the two people at the heart of allegations that school principals mishandled sexual assault allegations, » by Madeline Kenny of The Sun Times

– Mailbox this morning: “Ald is urging Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25) to file a lawsuit to prevent a new proposed bar in Pilsen from obtaining a liquor license after locals widely criticized plans by tape series Corridors, Beercade headquarters, to open a new location on 18th Street in the heart of Pilsen, « according to a statement from Lopez.

– “The Dark Cloud” follows the rehearsal scene in Chicago: “Drilling music, for some, is pure entertainment and for others, this is the difference between life and death.” By Evan F of Sun Times More

– This Chicago bar has been named one of the best restaurants in the world: “Kumiko, West Loop’s Japanese-inspired cocktail bar, has earned a spot on our list of the 50 Best Bars in the World,” by Emma Krupp of TimeOut

– What Kim Fox’s re-election says about racial politics, fear, and justice in Chicago and beyond: “Reformers are celebrating Fox’s re-election as a more significant victory than her first election in 2016 because she was able to overcome – the crime challenge when voters were understandably focused On Gun Violence, ”Posted by Patrick Smith of WBEZ

– The Cook County homicide defendant who fled to Ohio is one of more than 50 homicide defendants here under electronic guarantee and surveillance: “After a major push toward bail reform, and the epidemic that made prison emptying a priority, the number of people under surveillance has risen. – And with it the number of people wearing ankle bracelets with serious violent charges in October 2016, there were 17 people on ankle monitors accused of murder, according to Tom Dart Cook County Sheriff’s Office as of Thursday, there were 54, « by Paige Fry From Tribune, Jessica Villagoz, and Megan Cribo

– A suburban school board member spoke about racial injustice, then the board tried to silence her: “I guess I don’t put it in their box, I guess, because their fund leaves a lot of people,” said Gail Manrique, school board deputy Head of Niles Township 219, by Nader Issa of the Sun Times

– The Cook County Jail Warden failed a physical fitness test, and is now suing Mayor Tom Dart: “Dennis Hobbs, 59, says she wanted to go from being a correctional officer to being a deputy in court but she couldn’t pass the ongoing portion of the test, which she calls Discriminatory, « by Frank Mayne of The Sun Times

– Woman Accused of Illegal Boarding in O’Hare: “Yasmina Payton, 23, was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing after boarding a plane without a ticket in Terminal 3 in O’Hare,” by The Sun-Times


– “I Loved John McCain”: Inside the Arizona Republican Movement to Defeat Donald Trump, by Brian Bender and Maggie Severnes of Politico

– Biden left Georgia now Democrats race to do it again, by Elena Schneider at Politico

– That’s what Kamala Harris experiences for the first time, by Teresa Wiltz of Politico “You’re really bound to a higher standard, a different standard,” said former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Brown. “It wasn’t easy to hoe I had to pray so much, of course, just so as not to lose my mind.”

Sherrill Ann Rabin, who was a philanthropist, her husband, a philanthropist, philanthropist, philanthropist, Gary Rabin, has died.

Friday Guess: We were stunned! Ferdinand Wyeth Beck was a prominent figure in Chicago who hosted Presidents William Henry Harrison and William McKinley at his mansion in 1826 South Michigan Ave Back in the day (according to John Drury’s « Old Chicago Homes »)

Today’s question: Who are the « Crazy Eight » in Illinois Senate? Email your answer to [email protected]

Michael Mansour, Legislative Director of the Representative Adam Kinzinger and Jenny Mansour, Director of Business Development at the R Street Institute, welcomed John Charles « Charlie » Mansour II in October 15 came at 10 pounds, 2,175 inches and was named after Michael’s late father Photo

Former Representative Michael Patrick Flanagan, Former State Vice President Syed Matthias, Kirkland Chesandkar Ellis Douglas C. Jessner, and business advisor Riyad Kazemi,

Michael Madigan, JP Pritzker, Illinois, Illinois Democratic Party

EbeneMagazine – US – LIGHTFOOT’s BUDGET MOVE – MADIGAN May Face High Price – Foxx Win and Racist Politics
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