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Happy Tuesday, Illinois. Donald Trump’s impeding the Joe Biden team is unparalleled, writes Anita Kumar of Politico. Melania Gale was not invited to have tea.

STATEHOUSE STUNNER: Political writer and columnist Bernard Schoenberg and state correspondent Doug Fink accepted the takeover and will leave the State Journal-Register in December. 1. Finke has worked for SJ-R since the 1970s. Schoenburg’s first secondary line appeared in the newspaper in 1990, via The Illinois Times.

1st in PLAYBOOK: Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot, Senate Speaker Don Harmon, and 13 other Illinois electors sent a letter to Emily Murphy, Head of Public Services, on Monday asking her to validate Joe Biden’s election and Kamala Harris.

Murphy is the appointee by the Trump administration who has refused to sign a letter allowing Biden’s transition team access to federal information and transition funds.. By not signing their win, Murphy is also preventing them from having background checks for potential cabinet candidates running.

“As electors in the Electoral College, we believe that this delay is unnecessary, unprecedented and dangerous. America’s integrity depends on the federal government expressly and promptly demonstrating that the United States government respects the will of the American people, « Illinois voters said in the letter obtained by Playbook..

The letter also refers to the nonpartisan Center for Presidential Transition, which has written a similar letter calling for Murphy to sign the election and pave the way for a power transition. This letter was signed by former senior aides to former Presidents George W.. Bush and Bill Clinton, and Benny Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce to President Barack Obama.

Democrats in Congress are considering whether to force the GSA by summoning Murphy to testify or even sue her, according to POLITICO’s Transition Playbook. « It’s clear that Congress can file a lawsuit against the GSA boss for failing to do her job. We can seek a court to issue an order, said Jerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat and chair of the Government Operations Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.. . “At the moment, we are evaluating these options.

The spread of the Coronavirus affects every part of our lives again in Illinois. It puts frontline workers at risk and keeps others at home. The infection is on the rise. Hospitals are more crowded now than they were during the spring wave. Government. J. B. « We are on a tough road for the next three months, » says Pritzker. Congresswoman Sherry Bustos, who chairs the Democratic National Congressional Campaign Committee, tweeted that she had tested positive for Covid-19, becoming the latest high-profile official to catch the virus..

The good news, two coronavirus vaccines could be a game-changer in fighting the disease. But the problem is: There won’t be enough for everyone when it is first made available, says Dr.. Alison Arwady, Chicago Public Health Commissioner.

Meanwhile, the White House appears to have relinquished any leadership role in containing the virus in the meantime, and President-elect Joe Biden’s hands are restricted in planning the launch of the vaccine next year.. « Our economy is recovering much more than any expectations, » Trump said on Friday..

The headlines do not stop, and it may seem easier to ignore them and go on with life thinking that the Coronavirus will not hit anywhere near home. Next, Heidi Stevens offers a reality check. The tribune columnist was shocked when she tested positive when she was working from home and her family « avoided crowds and restaurants » and wore masks when leaving the house.. She had body aches, throbbing head and « eyeballs pulsing. ». And only when Stevens thought she had gone through the worst was that she was rushed to the hospital.

– There are two effective vaccines for Covid-19. What’s Next? Written by Zachary Brennan at Politico and Sarah Oirmole

– Chicago stockpiles Covid-19 vaccine supplies while Illinois officials come up with distribution, by Becky Vevea of ​​WBEZ

– Illinois Warning Once Again As Hospitals Overcome Spring Highs For Covid-19 Patients, Posted by Jimmy Monks of Tribune

– Every flush of pigeons reveals evidence in the fight to stop Covid-19, by Michael Hawthorne of Tribune

– Biden presses Trump on the Coronavirus: « More people may die if we don’t coordinate », by Nick Nideswadik of Politico

– Column: I took the Covid-19 test as a precaution. A week later, she was hospitalized by Heidi Stevens of the Tribune

– Judge discovers Pritzker has acted legally to issue health guidelines for schools, written by Sarah Mansour of Capitol News

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CA Voters voted & Voters overwhelmingly to protect worker resilience and introduce new benefits. Time for Illinois to follow, see how here.

Online at 10 am. M. Chair a virtual meeting of the Cook County Forest Reserve. Watch live

The Illinois Department of Public Health on Monday reported 37 additional deaths and 11,632 new confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus disease.. . This is a total of 10,779 deaths and 585,248 cases in Illinois. Primary seven-day statewide positivity for cases as a percentage of total testing from November. 9 to 15 is 12. 5 percent. The positivity rate in Chicago is 16. 0 percent. ARG.

– LIGHTFOOT SWEETENS BUDGET POT more seeking 26 votes: “The mayor assured that the $ 94 million property tax increase will not affect taxpayers in Chicago until 2022, as coronavirus vaccines are expected to be widely distributed. The idea is to give the pandemic-ravaged Chicago economy time to fully reopen and recover, ”by Fran Spielman of The Sun-Times.

– City Council is considering capping delivery application fees: “Delivery fees that third-party delivery companies like Grubhub and Uber Eats charge to Chicago restaurants will be restricted to 10 percent of the ordering cost as long as the indoor dining capacity is set lower Of 40 percent during the coronavirus pandemic, under a proposal filed with City Council on Monday as Mayor Lori Lightfoot tries to help restaurants get through winter . . . . The mayor on Monday described the new version as a win. But a DoorDash spokesperson, Campbell Matthews, said the hats « could push us to increase costs for customers, which could lead to fewer orders for local restaurants and fewer opportunities to earn Dashers, » by John Byrne, Phil Vettel and Gregory Pratt of The Tribune.

– Mayoral ally proposes to legalize video games, but he comes with snake eyes with Lightfoot: “Ald. Matt O’Shea’s endorsement helped propel Lightfoot’s landslide victory last year, but that didn’t stop the videogame idea being sent to the Rules Committee, a traditional graveyard of legislation that the mayor opposes, « by Fran Spielman of the Sun-Times.

– Could Trump lose his tower in Chicago? On paper, he owes more than $ 50 million to the building’s LLC. It will take the court to determine the reason for this, but that may happen now with the turnover of New York AG, ”Whet Moser wrote for Chicago magazine.

– The Ethics Board found a possible reason for Brookins’s violation of the ethics ordinance: “The Chicago Ethics Council voted unanimously on Monday to discover that there is probable cause to believe that Alder is. Howard Brookins (22nd Ward) violated the City’s Code of Government Ethics by defending clients – including former Ald. Proco Joe Moreno – In Criminal Cases Involving The Chicago Police Department, ”Posted by Heather Chiron of WTTW.

– Developers are pushing for new projects in Fulton Market: “A hotel and high-rise apartment block are the latest offerings as investors prepare to revive real estate once the epidemic recedes,” by David Roeder of The Sun Times.

– Chicagoans continue to shop amidst advice about staying home: “Shelves in Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, and Belmont-Carrageen remained filled with groceries and essentials like toilet paper – which became scarce during the initial lockdown in March – limited to one or two per person. Posted by Manny Ramos of the Sun-Times.

– For some restaurants, closing is cheaper than staying open, without clients or employees, they can cut workers compensation and other insurance expenses, and in the Hopleaf case, “No need to pay for a music license service if there is no one in Hopleaf to listen to the music WTTW’s Amanda Vinicky Report

– Chicago Lawyers Promote High School Debating: Former high school debates Leonard Gill and Jonathan Massey founded Massey & Gail, the law firm, sponsored a new debate series in five cities. “I RESOLVE was launched this year by the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues as a pilot series aimed at drawing a larger audience into high school debate and allowing students to present their arguments on issues important to them.. Originally planned as a straightforward series, the events were flown online due to the Covid-19 pandemic – the Chicago Student Show last Wednesday. Watched by nearly 100 people. . . . “We wanted to provide a window into the discussion so that people could see all the skills these students are involved in,” said Ronda Hines, Executive Director of NAUDL, by Jesse M of Law Bulletin. Molloy.

Join Wednesday – Confronting Inequality at City Hall « Bridging the Economic Divide »: Although the job loss pandemic has raged, the economic blow has been particularly devastating for black workers and black-owned businesses. Politico’s third town hall, titled « Facing Inequality in America, » will bring together economists, scholars, the private sector, and city leaders to explore policies and strategies to deal with the disproportionate economic impact of the epidemic and the broader factors contributing to the persistence of ethnic wealth and income gaps.. Register here.

– A Cook County Judge at the Daly Center has tested positive for Covid-19: “Ten judges in Cook County have tested positive for Coronavirus . . . [Although more recently] a judge reported his work in a downtown office in October, according to a statement from the Chief Justice’s office, ”by David Strout of The Sun Times.

– Arizona State Prosecutors said the charges against Tony La Rosa had not been dropped despite reports: “The Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office said the charges were dismissed as“ a formality because the case was filed in the wrong court. « To be paraphrased, » by John Seidel of The Sun Times and Daryl Van Schoen.

– PRITZKER to seek federal aid, potential business tax increases: “A new report from the Governor’s Office of Administration and Budget shows that without significant new revenues, spending cuts, or a combination of both, the country would face a budget deficit of $ 3. $ 9 billion in the current fiscal year and a persistent deficit of $ 4 billion or more in each of the next five fiscal years. The backlog of unpaid bills on the country is also expected to increase to $ 33 billion by FY2026, up from the current total of around $ 7 in arrears.. 8 billion, if lawmakers don’t make structural changes, Posted by Peter Hancock of Capitol News.

– EDGAR: The budget is « much worse » than it was in his time: « Jim Edgar was a governor in the 1990s and led the country through another budget crisis. But he says this is much bigger – and it will force lawmakers to choose between things like education, healthcare, and public safety. « No one will want to lower it, but if you don’t cut it, you really can’t start offsetting that deficit without a tax increase – and a very good tax increase, » by Jennifer Fuller of WSIU.

– New data: The use of isolation, the restaurant increased in Illinois schools during the 2017-2018 school year: “As lawmakers prepare to debate a statewide ban on isolation and self-control, Illinois schools report using isolation – the practice of forced isolation is a student in a small room Or somewhere else – at least 10,776 times in the 2017-18 school year, ”by Jennifer Smith Richards of the Tribune and Judy S of ProPublica’s. Cohen.

– Illinois could drastically reduce the number of its prison inmates without experiencing an increase in crime, according to a new report: “The paper, published on Friday, refers to states such as New York, California and Maryland, which have drastically reduced the prison population with a decrease In a crime. It also indicates that Illinois itself has reduced its prison population and continues to see a decline in its crime rate, « by Patrick Smith of WBEZ.

– The Pritzker Teachers Union calls for school buildings to close again due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus: “The Teachers’ Union is also asking the Governor, the Illinois Public Health Administration and the Illinois State Board of Education to establish and enforce clear standards,” said Dan Montgomery, president of the Illinois Teachers ’Union, For school districts to guide them for any future closures, written by Karen Ann Colotta of The Tribune.

– Workers threaten to strike in 11 Illinois nursing homes next week if wages and pandemic risk allowance do not increase: “Nearly 700 members of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana, part of the International Service Personnel Federation, voted to strike in November. 23 If Infinity Healthcare Management does not meet its demands for a higher base wage and PEP. The union said, « The notices of strike were handed over Thursday, by Robert McCobin of the Tribune. ».

– FanDuel will open a sports book retailer in Fairmount Park: “There has been a deal going on between FanDuel and Fairmount for nearly a year, but FanDuel first started with sports betting in Illinois last summer with Par-A-Dice Casino because Fairmount hadn’t It is yet licensed. Track acquired a major sports betting license in late October, by SportsHandle’s Jill R. Dorson.

In order to raise the standard of independent work for everyone, the government and the business sector need to work together. That’s why Uber created our ‘Work Together’ priorities, which can help people who earn through app-based work receive more security, protection, and transparency.. The work is already in progress in California, where voters overwhelmingly approved Show 22.

– As prison nears, a former escort squandered $ 150,000 on loan from the Covid-19 virus on travel and clothing, say Federalists: “Crystal Lundberg has been in trouble with the Federalists since 2017, when she was first directed with the director Financial Scott Kennedy at $ 5. 79 Million Scam Schemes, ”by John Seidel of The Sun Times.

– The 24-hour heroin « hotline » for drug traffickers in West Side, Chicago, says the Feds has been seized, and Feds say: “A Gangster Disciples member runs the hotline – scheduling shifts and lobbying his staff like a sales manager , Plaintiffs claim, written by David Strout of The Sun Times.

The cash-strapped country is rejecting $ 100 million in base taxes, the industry says: “Some cannabis insiders say the industry has been hindered by the government. Pritzker’s interpretation of the legalization law that would not allow existing medical clinics to move as well as sell recreational marijuana, ”by Tom Schoppa of The Sun Times.

– Allegations of anti-Semitism at U. who am I. An immediate federal investigation by the Department of Education: “The allegations submitted to the ministry in this spring’s complaint describe a“ disturbing increase in anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism ”in the United States. . who am I. Over the past five years. Management evaluates all complaints it receives but does not pursue investigations in every case, ”by Elisa Cherney of the Tribune.

– Should college students take a Covid-19 test before heading home for the holidays? «  Public health experts say travel, particularly at airports or by public transportation, is inherently dangerous when COVID-19 infections are high, and colleges do not encourage students to commute back and forth in the coming weeks. . . . . Some schools urge or require this, but « they don’t give you a free pass, » writes Elisa Cherney of the Tribune..

– Next steps in IL-14: Today is the last day in Illinois for ballots to be mailed out by November.. 3 can be counted. This does not mean that Republican team Jim Oberois will contact the deputy. Lauren Underwood with congratulations. Oberweis awaits ratification of elections in November. 24, according to his spokesman. Then we will hear whether to request a recount. As of Monday, The Associated Press reported that Underwood had garnered 200,976 votes (50. 6 percent (to Oberois 196215) 49. 4 percent).

– Judicial election expert Frank Calabrese said Cook County Judge Jackie Portman-Brown will walk out after she doesn’t get 60 percent of the vote with « yes » to stay on the bench. The votes are settled. Cook County Judge John Maloney appears to be heading towards the doors as well, according to Injustice Watch.

Derben calls on Trump and Bar to halt the executions: “Age. Dick Durbin is joined by fellow Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, as well as Yu. s. Replay / count. Ayanna Presley from Massachusetts sending a letter to Yu. s. Attorney General Bill Barr urges him to « suspend all federal executions so that the incoming Biden Harris administration can assess and determine the future use of the death penalty by the federal government, » by Ted Cox One Illinois.

Track Transition and Participation in the Transitional Playbook: As states certify their election results, President-elect Biden builds an administration. Hiring decisions made in the coming days, weeks, and months will send clear signals about his management’s agenda and priorities. The Transitional Playbook is the ultimate guide to what would be one of the most consequential transfers of power in American history. Written for political insiders, it tracks the appointments, people, and emerging power centers of the new administration. Stay informed, subscribe today.

– Republicans begin to hold back: “Looks like he’s going to be President Biden,” by Borges Everett of Politico, Melanie Zanona and Andrew Deserio

– The world moves forward with climate action as U. s. Still in limbo, by Ryan Heath of Politico, Karl Matisen, Zach Coleman and Kalina Uroshakoff

– December. 1: WTTW is broadcasting a special movie, « Make Sense of 2020 » that examines « the global pandemic, looming recession, racial accounting, statistics, and polarized elections. ». « Details here

– Jamie Singer appointed Vice President and Director of Data Security, Privacy and Crisis Communications at Resolute Strategic Services. Singer previously held the position of Senior Vice President at Edelman, advising Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations on a range of issues – from large-scale cyberattacks to workplace violence to litigation cases..

– Sadia Sendou has been selected for the new category of Civil Society Fellowship by the Anti-Defamation League and the Aspen Institute, which focuses on civic leadership. Sendo is currently executive director of the University of Chicago Center for Effective Government.

– Manco leaves WLS morning show: “Saying he’s tired of doing ‘the radio without joy’ during a pandemic, Eric Manko Muller leaves WLS 890-AM after two years as Morning Host. His last day on Cumulus Media talk / news station will be November. 25, ‘Reports media writer Robert Vader.

GUESS Monday: Congratulations to Kaleem Balanov, National Political Director of the Integrated Transit Union, for answering correctly that 25 amendments to the Illinois Constitution have been brought up to voters, including a tiered income tax amendment that failed in November. 3.

Today’s question: Who was booed off the stage with Mayor Richard J.. Dali at the NAACP rally in Grant Park? Email your answer to [email protected].

Joe Biden, Mayor of Chicago, J.. B. Pritzker, Illinois

EbeneMagazine – US – It’s a detour for Schoenburg, FINKE – ELLINOIS ELECTORS to GSA: CERTIFY JOE – PRITZKER: « ROUGH RIDE » forthcoming
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– <a href = "/? s = S7 More Chicago residents die of COVID-19 as the number of cases continues to rise in city& # 39; s and the number of cases increases in the city, and another seven Chicago residents die." Due to COVID-19 in the role of the city; the burden of cases continues to rise
The city urges shoppers to order Of Black Friday Owned Businesses
A week after attending the election party, Lightfoot says Chicagoans have & # 39; & Liability # 39; To Obey Lockdown
– <a href = "/? S = Chicago avoids laying off 350 city employees because cannabis sales" went through the roof "" Chicago avoids laying off 350 city employees because cannabis sales were "gone from During the ceiling "
Despite budget locales, Lightfoot faces rise to 26 votes, Aldermen Say
Lightfoot makes changes to the proposed budget because it hopes to gain supporters
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