EbeneNews – AU – Live: All the reaction to Budget 2020 as Victoria releases single-digit COVID-19 case numbers


    Victoria has recorded six new coronavirus cases and two more deaths Melbourne’s 14-day average has fallen to 99, Victoria regional is 03

    As politicians and business leaders react to the federal government’s 2020 budget, Victoria reports only six new cases of COVID-19 and two deaths overnight

    Her vacation home is set on 5 acres of land and requires a lot of work before summer but for months Mrs Hinkley has not been able to make it

    But coronavirus travel restrictions mean Melburnians cannot travel more than 3 miles from their homes, unless it’s for essential work or activities

    « I had to make strong decisions about these borders and they were hard They were hard on a lot of people We put in place a roadmap until December to give everyone some certainty »

    Â Â Â Â « We hope NSW continues on this lack of community transmission If that happens at the end of the month, like a health worker does, she still examines and she takes into account. not only counts committee transmission, test rates, sewer testing as well and that would mean NSW will be open in NovemberÂ

    Â Â « Unfortunately Victoria will remain closed as we know they are still stuck they are gradually coming out of that lockdown at the moment I look forward to a day when there will be no community transmission across Australia and where everyone will once again be able to open up and move freely I know this has had a huge impact on families

    « We’ve been very consistent All of our decisions were made at the end of each month That’s what we said We’re going to stick with that We’ve put the roadmap in place and anyone can see who knows she’s there, in black and white « 

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    EbeneNews – AU – Live: All the reaction to Budget 2020 as Victoria publishes case numbers COVID-19 single digit

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