EbeneNews – CA – Jamie Foxx To Play Electro Again In Upcoming Spider-Man


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from 2014 isn’t generally considered the best movie about Marvel’s preeminent wall crawler, and in fact it’s The Most Important Contribution to the World superhero movies is probably just the fact that it was such a critical and commercial disappointment that it convinced Sony to let Marvel have a chance at making Spider-Man movies – opening the door for Spidey to appear in Captain America: Civil War then Coming Home and Away From Home Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t offensively terrible or anything, it’s just more of a historical footnote at this point

Or at least that was, until this afternoon, when The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jamie Foxx’s Electro – one of the many major comic book villains to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 2 – will appear in the next Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland For people reading this but also unsure of how comic book movies work: The current Tom Holland Spider movies are set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while the Garfield and Maguire movies take place in their own separate universes, which means Jamie Foxx’s Electro shouldn’t exist in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man world This makes this news very strange

It’s possible that Sony just wanted to bring Foxx back, just as JK Simmons returned as J Jonah Jameson at the end of Far From Home, but Simmons’ Jameson is a fan favorite character everyone was excited to see again. ‘Foxx Electro is just right a reminder that Amazing Spider-Man 2 happened The other possibility is that someone is multiverse madness and it’s the same Electro that Jamie Foxx played in the other movie Maybe Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man will need to show up and help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man? Maybe there could also be, like, a Nic Cage Spider-Man and a Spider-Man Pig, and they all go into some sort of Spider-Verse? Now that sounds like hell from a movie

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EbeneNews – CA – Jamie Foxx To Play Electro Again In Upcoming Spider-Man

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