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But these are unusual times and the criteria for the playoffs – or the “eye test” – will need to be changed to provide a better baseline in the midst of canceled games and shortened seasons to. Across FBS Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Biggest question surrounding the criteria is whether a minimum number of matches must be played for a team to count in the four-team field The simple answer should be ‘yes’, but the 13-member playoff committee does not plan to discuss potential obstacles until early November.

Still, conversations need to take place – and maybe as soon as possible Three of the five Power 5 conferences will be in the field this Saturday, the last weekend of September These conferences (ACC, Big 12 and SEC) have scheduled between 10 and 11 games, the commissioners knowing that some games will be canceled due to epidemics of viruses on the lists The Big Ten will join the action Oct 24 with an eight game schedule, but no wiggle room (goodbye weeks) built into the schedule like the aforementioned three conferences A ninth game will take place during “Champions Week” on December 19 The Pac-12 will debut on November 6 with just a seven-game schedule

The idea shared between the FBS Conferences and the Playoff Committee is the deadline for the Conference Championships: December 19 The playoff selections for the four-team field will be December 20, with the half national finals starting on January 1 and the national championship scheduled for January 11

But everyone knows full schedules won’t be played during the regular season Heck, 21 FBS games have been canceled or postponed since the start of September and many more postponements and cancellations are underway as the SEC joins the fray this week Again this week, three FBS games have been postponed

“I’m going to use a phrase that was coined for us, namely data points,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey “So we’ve seen a lot of talk about the importance of extra games providing extra data points and it suggests to me that the more games you play the better, based on these selection criteria”

But how does a committee properly judge a 6-0 Big Ten team versus, say, an 8-2 SEC champion who may have postponed a postponed mid-season game? Well, just look back

History reveals six-game seasons have been the norm since the early 1900s The last time college football faced a pandemic, national champions Pitt and Michigan each played five games apiece, without playoffs, during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918

Many brotherhoods have played six-game conference schedules since the 1930s, and with three Power 5 conferences scheduled for seven to 10 games, in conference only, a six-game base seems fair for the playoffs. Think of six games as half of the usual 12-game seasons we’ve been used to playing since the turn of the century, and you’ve got a nice round number to circle

But this is where the problems increase The Big Ten and the Pac-12 have little wiggle room with eight-game schedules Three cancellations could derail championship hopes for contenders like Ohio State, USC, Oregon or Penn State

Can we guarantee a six-game schedule to be played in the Power 5? The simple answer is no, especially as the season progresses and more teams play and make contact (the state of Arkansas, Notre Dame and the USF have already shown us that the search for contacts after the match may result in multiple cancellations)

So what should the playoff committee do? Perhaps the 13-person committee should consider expanding the playoffs by one season As has the CCA’s recommendation to expand the men’s basketball tournament in the spring to include all 357 Division I teams. , why not extend the CFF to 16 teams for a season?

The 16-team format would not lead to more than 15 games for a national champion or runner-up, which is common in playoff age, and would provide a greater variety of teams that deserve to be taken into consideration for the championship even if they play less more than six games

The 16-team peloton would include champions from all 10 FBS conferences if MWC and MAC join the action as scheduled in October The committee would select six teams overall, two more than they’ve got. habit of choosing This would allow multiple teams in a Power 5 conference who might have fallen victim to canceled games that were out of their control

The playoffs start on December 26, with the semi-finals on January 9 and the national championship scheduled for Monday, January 18 Leading all games in a bubble, much like the NBA, during the four-week period in a centralized metropolitan area with facilities located in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Chicago or Arlington, Texas Allowing players to opt out if they are uncomfortable with the option of spending four weeks in a “bubble”

The amateurism vs semi-pro argument is protected: players can choose to play and the entire playoffs will take place during the winter break at most universities The total number of games in a season (at most 15 games) matches previous seasons during college football playoff days A bubble atmosphere with daily testing provides a safer environment In addition, the playoff format is very similar to the FCS, which temporarily moves into a field of 16 teams in the spring

Not only does a 16-team squad guarantee playoffs, it also clears the controversy with committee selections

FBS is slow to react (BCS death was too late five years), but now is the time to be nimble Otherwise, more controversy awaits the committee with a four-team format on an uneven playing field

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EbeneNews – CA – Why College Football Playoffs Should Expand in 2020

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