EbeneNews – GB – Living with ‘Raw and Honest’ Bulimia by Freddie Flintoff hailed as ‘most important documentary of the year’


    Freddie Flintoff’s documentary Living With Bulimia left viewers devastated by the sports star’s raw and honest account of the eating disorder

    The Top Gear presenter spoke candidly about how the bulimic has affected his life, including his shame at being ‘proud’ of serving food, and even now that he struggled to recognize it. ‘hold it had on him

    Prompted by comments about his weight during his time as a cricketer, Freddie was prompted to keep throwing up his food when he began to get compliments on his weight loss

    « It was like: » I run this « It continued and I did it all the time »

    However, the negative effects quickly started to kick in and he admitted to hiding his actions from those around him, including his teammates and family members, before finally telling his wife

    Upon learning about bulimia as a whole, Freddie was shocked to discover that it was not defined by being sick, and that there were other elements involved, including excessive exercise. to burn the calories he had eaten

    In a heartbreaking moment, he later spoke to family members about young Laurence, who died of a heart attack as his body let go after years of bulimia

    Freddie also spoke to those who are currently recovering, and the difficulty he has had in speaking about it because he is a man

    After 10 minutes I can say this is one of the most important shows you will ever watch Striking, honest, emotional and educational # FreddieFlintoff #LivingWithBulimia

    Watch #FreddieFlintoff #LivingWithBulimia and it’s already without flinching, raw and honest A must to understand how men are affected by eating disorders too

    Feel so bad for #FreddieFlintoff, seems to be still in the stage of denial somewhat of his #EatingDisorder Hope he can get the help he deserves #LivingWithBulimia

    I have the utmost respect for #FreddieFlintoff for making this documentary Men’s mental health is such a stigma It’s so important for male role models in the public eye to show it’s okay to be vulnerable, show emotions and ask for help

    Important Posting We Always Believe Women Suffer From Eating Disorders For Men Like Cricketer #Flintoff It’s Hard Men also need a space to talk about their weight needs mental health #FreddieFlintoff # BBC1

    We are in 2020 and still the socially constructed beliefs that men are « strong » ???? and it is often said to « man up » are constantly reinforced, pushing men further to seek help ð ?????? #FreddieFlintoff

    Of these, 25% are men – but with eating disorders still considered a ‘girl’s affair’, it is only in recent years that men’s mental health has come under scrutiny. light

    If you suspect that you, a family member or a friend have an eating disorder, contact Beat on 0808 801 0677 or help @ beateatingdisordersorguk, for information and advice on the best way to get proper treatment

    As a result, men like Freddie are often too embarrassed to engage in their own struggles or refuse to acknowledge them

    But with people like Freddie speaking out, more and more men are now ready to talk about their relationship with food and image

    This included Connor Spratt, who revealed to Metroco UK that he used exercise for the purpose of reducing his weight

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    EbeneNews – UK – Living with Bulimia ‘Raw and Honest’ Freddie Flintoff has been hailed as ‘the most important documentary of the year’

    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/ebenenews-gb-living-with-raw-and-honest-bulimia-by-freddie-flintoff-hailed-as-most-important-documentary-of-the-year/?remotepost=347671

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