EbeneNews – UA – Hundreds of quarantine clients in Victoria hotels require HIV testing over fears of contamination from blood tests


Authorities reveal that blood glucose monitors were misused on 243 people, necessitating testing for blood-borne diseases

More than 200 people who have been quarantined at a hotel in Victoria must be tested for HIV, fearing cross-contamination from improper use of blood glucose meters

Several of these devices were used on several people in quarantine between March 29 and August 20, which required testing for blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B and C and HIV

These monitors, which take a small sample of blood from a fingertip, are intended for repeated use by one person. While the needle is changed between uses, microscopic traces of blood can remain in the body of the patient. machine, creating a low clinical risk of cross-contamination and infection

Safer Care Victoria, the national agency for the quality and safety of healthcare, has assured the public that there is no risk of the spread of Covid-19 as the disease is not transmitted by blood

In a statement, a spokesperson for the agency said it had identified 243 people who had been tested by one of the shared machines during the period in question and would be contacted for screening Anyone « who had any conditions or episodes that may have necessitated testing will also be contacted as a precaution « 

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews called the incident a « clinical error made some time ago »

« Safer Care Victoria made announcements about clinical error some time ago, very low risk, but you can’t take any risk with these things You have to follow them correctly and that is exactly what happened, ”he said at a press conference on Tuesday

Health Minister Martin Foley noted that there was currently no evidence of a person’s infection, but the violation was identified and reported by nurses at the hospital in Alfred in august

He said Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Social and Health Services then went through 28,000 medical records to find anyone potentially at risk, a process that took several weeks

« I must point out that this is, by all clinical advice, a very, very low risk of cross-contamination but, out of caution, Safer Care Victoria and Alfred are doing just the right thing, » he said

Victoria’s hotel quarantine system has been plagued by infection control issues, with an independent investigation finding more than 90% of the state’s second wave of Covid-19 cases came from an epidemic in hotels

Two senior government officials have already resigned due to the management of the system, former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos and Premier and Cabinet Secretary Chris Eccles

Safer Care Victoria chief executive Ann Maree Keenan said there would be a « full review of how and why this device was used »

« The health of former residents in quarantine is our immediate concern, so arranging for screening for them is our top priority Clinical risk is low But if you’re worried about having taken this test – and we haven’t got you contacted again – please call us ”, she said

« At the moment we will not be able to answer the many questions people will have about how this happened… I hope we will be able to provide peace of mind by involving people in testing and through the « 

Blood sugar tests are most often used by people with diabetes, but those with the disease are more likely to have used their own device

Instead, Safer Care is concerned that the shared devices may have been used on pregnant women, people who have passed out, or people who are generally ill during their stay in hotel quarantine.

Anyone who has passed quarantine at the hotel and has had a blood sugar test or had a medical episode that may have required a test are invited to call 1-800-356 061 to arrange a time of screening

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EbeneNews – AU – Hundreds of quarantine guests at Victoria hotels to be screened HIV due to fears of contamination from blood tests

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