EbenMagazine – GB – A place in the sun The star addresses the film chaos after the airline lost the crew’s essential luggage


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A Place In The Sun presenters returned to filming in July when lockdown measures were eased. In a recent post, 32-year-old presenter Danni Menzies said his flight schedule was delayed after airline Ryanair lost tripods.

Danni went on Twitter and shared a picture of herself on an overseas beach when the crew apparently found an alternative way to film.

She wrote, “Well. . . We had a slow start to the week here after Ryanair lost our tripods. What will you do?! “

One wrote: « Had this a few years ago on a night trip, so we had to use a suitcase as a replacement tripod – worked remarkably well! »

A second comment: “Ouch !! It will be dear to someone if he doesn’t find her! “

The moderator also shared the post on her Instagram page and informed the fans that the crew « got there at some point ». .

In her last post, she told fans that she had to change outfit on set due to the changing temperatures.

Posing in a sweater, she revealed, « I had to change my outfit during the shoot and let go of my bare legs because I couldn’t speak through my chattering teeth. ”

In order to allow filming to continue during the pandemic, safety precautions have been taken as recommended by the government.

Even so, Danni’s co-star Ben Hillman said the show is still « better than ever ». .

He told express. co. uk: « We wear masks when we’re not filming and what have you got, but it feels better than ever. « .

« I don’t think we had to compromise and sacrifice the quality of the show. This is fabulous, it is really amazing. « .

« But of course we take all the precautions we need to take, but I don’t think people even notice it when it goes on TV. « .

« Of course we keep our social distance when we film. I’m just a little further from the house hunters when we go into the rooms and settle down. « .

He added, « I don’t think you will notice because we can cheat angles in front of the camera. Although I stay away from them if you are filming from a certain angle, let’s take a closer look. There are all of these things, « he added. « It works just fine. ”

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A place in the sun, Danni Menzies

EbeneMagazine – GB – A place in the sun Star talks about the chaos of the shoot after the airline lost the crew’s essential luggage
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