Pierre Cardin : Here are his s3xu3lles confidences on his relationship with Jeanne Moreau


Between Pierre Cardin and Jeanne Moreau, In the early 60, love at first sight was immediate. If their story ended up coming to an end, they have always remained very friends.

Jeanne Moreau turned heads. but with Pierre Cardin, it's different. In the columns of Paris Match, on newsstands on Thursday 17 September 2020, the famous fashion designer looks back on the love story he lived with the one who breathed his last on 31 August 2017. Until the end, even though they had decided to separate a long time ago, They stayed very close. While at the beginning of the years 60, Chanel asked Pierre Cardin to create costumes for her, Love at first sight is immediate. “We chose each other. I liked it from the start“, he confided. On his side, the actress said the same thing. “I saw it. It was immediate. I wanted to see him again right away.” only, Pierre Cardin had always been more attracted to men than to women. But for Jeanne Moreau, it didn't matter. “We really loved each other. We were equally successful. We respected each other. We never interfered in each other's work. That was the secret : stay independent.” But then a question arose, Did Pierre Cardin sleep with women, he who always showed up with men.

Well i'm a normal man. Do you think Jeanne would have been content with a puppet ? Sexually, it was going very well“, he still assured. For many years, they spun the perfect love. between them, there was no balance of power. They were happy together and loved to enjoy the joys that life offered them. One day, after four years, their story ended. But the couturier assures him, it was done very gently to remain very good friends.

Jeanne Moreau would have liked to give a child to Pierre Cardin

Jeanne Moreau told :”I loved Pierre Cardin, I wanted a child that I couldn't give him“. This failure, caused by uterine cancer, Left them with regrets forever but allowed them to develop an indestructible friendship.

SOURCE: https://www.closermag.fr/people/pierre-cardin-ses-confidences-sexuelles-sur-son-couple-avec-jeanne-moreau-1173038?utm_campaign=push&utm_source=batch&utm_medium=desktop#xtor=CS3-3669

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