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The quantities available for pre-ordering the PS5 are going fast. After being out, Cdiscount has replenished its stock.

last night, Sony unveiled the award, the release date and pre-order for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. It was at the end of the official presentation that the Japanese announced that pre-orders were open. The quantities available at the dealers were taken by storm from the first minute, stockouts are already numerous.

Below, you have all the prices (and volumes) for pre-ordering the standard PS5 with the 4K Blu-Ray player. She will release the 19 November in France , this is when you will be delivered by the various e-merchants. That said, you can pre-order it before time to make sure you get it first on that date. Stocks are limited, First comers will be first served.

For this new edition, you have the choice between 2 consoles at the time of pre-order : the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. On the technical point, they are identical : same performances, same possibilities and also same games. however, the Japanese leave the choice of the method of consumption : gamers attached to physical games will love the PlayStation 5, while the PS5 Digital Edition will be perfect for those who love dematerialized games.

Below, a small pre-order guide on the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition to find the console of your dreams at the best price. Know that prices are updated in real time, on condition that the stock is still there. So this is the best way to secure a great PS5 console at a low price..

The first console is therefore the PlayStation 5 in its standard version. The maximum recommended price for the console 2020, officialized by Sony is therefore € 499.99 in France. For that price, the handset will include :

You still need to convince yourself before pre-ordering the Sony PS5 (or the PS5 Digital Edition) ? Below, we have listed some of the most interesting assets of this new games console from the Japanese manufacturer.

The other console for pre-order is the PlayStation 5 digital edition. This video game console is the same as the "normal" PS5 and the only difference, that is, it does not have a 4K Blu-Ray disc player. Sony recommended retail price for this Digital Game Console is € 399.99. For this price, so you will have :

Want to pre-order the PS5 Digital Edition ? Below, e-merchants who still offer stock and the prices associated with the Digital Edition version.

You need to be reassured about this PS5 Digital Edition console ? If you have a more limited budget, this physical version (but with dematerialized games) is a very good choice. Once again, pre-orders of the basic PS5 are limited in terms of quantities.

In terms of technical characteristics and performance, la PlayStation 5 and the PS5 Digital Edition are identical. Both consoles have the same power, same speed and will play the same games. The differences will therefore be the way you use your games ... and the price. You want to pre-order one of the PS5s to get it as soon as possible ? The ideal solution is to go on an internet purchase, to the fastest.

With the PlayStation 5, it will be possible to buy games in physics in any store or from online resellers. It will also be possible to buy digital games from the PlayStation Store, as is also the case with the latest PS5 Digital Edition. If you want to resell all your video games after you finish them, it will therefore be better to go on the PS5 Blu-Ray.

Spider-man Miles Morales : This is not a sequel to the game, but a DLC (Stand Alone) which will be offered at launch after the pre-order of the PS5. In the program, a game that will immerse you in the shoes of Miles Morales in New York. In particular, we will discover the story of Miles Morales from the moment he was bitten by the famous genetically modified spider and put on his black and red Spider-Man costume..

Astro’s Room : After pre-ordering the PS5, each console will have the Astro’s Room game already installed on the Japanese console. As with the PS4, we will have the opportunity to discover this new platform game which features Sony robots.

Deamon’s Souls : This is one of the nice surprises of the PS5 conference, Bluepoint's Deamon’s Souls which was unveiled ago 3 months during the PS5 event will be available when the PS5 launches in November ! This is a good opportunity to discover or re-discover this incredible game.

LittleBigPlanet : Sackboy A Big Adventure : Announced at the conference "The Futur of Gaming", we learn that the new adventures of Sackboy, the iconic and cute LittleBigPlanet character will be released when the PS5 launches in November ! Ready to go on an adventure ?

Destruction AllStars : Game again presented at "The Futur of Gaming" event, the very quirky Destruction AllStars will be present at the launch of the PS5 next November ! A game that will allow you to do battle with many other players in an arena on foot or by car.

finally, Sony has really promised us a bright future for these two new game consoles. If you want to pre-order the PS5 and get it before Christmas, you know what you have left to do. Stocks available for the PlayStation console 5 have already left at high speed, Above all, do not miss this opportunity to get it among the very first.

The quantities available for pre-ordering the PS5 are going fast. After being out, Cdiscount…

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World news – THAT – PS5 preorder : where is he staying (Always) stocks ? 🔥

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