World news – Edward Philippe : "I think we will face a storm"


    The former prime minister was in Octeville-sur-mer to support Senator LR Agnès Canayer. He predicted "hard times" and attacked "partisan logic".

    Edouard Philippe is back in the ring. In Octeville-sur-mer (Seine-Maritime), Wednesday evening, the former prime minister didn't just call for a vote for Les Républicains Senator Agnès Canayer, candidate for re-election. In front of a hundred elected officials, the mayor of Le Havre, neighboring town, took advantage of his twenty-minute speech to distill several political messages. A first since leaving Matignon, Beginning of July, which had led him to observe a period of withdrawal from the national political scene. "I think we're going to weather a storm - an economic storm, a health storm, a storm in all respects - and perhaps a social storm, maybe a political storm. And I think that the times to come are difficult times ”, observed the elected Norman.

    In this context, and spinning the maritime metaphor, Edouard Philippe praised "calm spirits, open, weighted ", as well as "the ability to rally, overrun ". "When you are on a boat and the storm comes, it is not necessarily important to agree on all issues with those who are with you on the boat. L’important, it's about knowing where we want to go and how are we going to weather the storm ", he explained. For the former head of government, The "compass" that must be "favored" to "work together" is therefore that of "overcoming", of the "sense of state", of the "meaning of France", rather than the "partisan compass".

    "We will need these women and men of good will who understand that we are going to suffer, that we are going to go through a very strong gust ”, called the juppeist, used to shaking for having governed France during the yellow vests crisis, the protest against the pension reform, the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

    The very popular former prime minister also lambasted "partisan logic" and widely attacked his former party, The Republicans. "For a long time I was part of a political formation that excluded me. She excluded me because I had chosen to accept the proposal of the President of the Republic to lead a government that wanted to reduce deficits, reform unemployment insurance, increase the number of police and military, increase the defense budget, reform the SNCF, open it up to competition ... In short, do things I can hardly imagine they disagreed with. But since I had not respected the clan line, strategic, we preferred to consider that I would be better off outside. And I have to say that I'm quite grateful, it's true that I am rather better on the outside !», quipped Philippe, who never wanted to join La République en Marche.

    And drive the point home : "Sometimes the leaders are criticized for being far from the country. I do not exclude that the leaders of political parties are sometimes far from the voters. And I believe the voters, them, have decided ".

    From the town where his grandparents lived, Edouard Philippe paid tribute to several local personalities, including Patrice Gélard, Antoine Rufenacht, recently missing. "Political commitment, it is first of all a local commitment ", underlined the juppeist, mentioning its "rooting". The ex-tenant of Matignon also subtly referred to his former status as majority leader. "Experience shows that when majorities are very short, they are also often very tight. And when they are plethora, we forget each other, on se disperse, we ventilate. ” The last days, his successor, Jean Castex, tries precisely - and not without difficulty – to structure the parliamentary majority. Relations between LREM and the Modem, especially, tensed.

    Very busy, Edouard Philippe will be campaigning again for the senatorial elections on 23 September, in the Eure, next to his former minister Sébastien Lecornu. the 25, the former head of government will participate in the re-entry of La République des maires in Angers, a network of center-right elected representatives led by his friend Christophe Béchu. This first public expression confirms, For those who still doubted it, that he hears weigh and make his voice heard.

    I believed this ex LR ,diploma, mayor of a big city, knew that a prime minister was head of government. If France is doing so badly, it's partly his fault, chaos in the streets, mismanagement of the pandemic, immigration on the rise, additional taxes, financial bankruptcy, etc…It is not enough to no longer belong to the catastrophic government to escape from its responsibilities .

    "I think we're going to weather a storm - an economic storm, a health storm, a storm in all respects - and perhaps a social storm, maybe a political storm. And I think the times to come are hard times "And he's not the only one who thinks so … it's time to study the plan “Marchal” a la Française where everyone will have to put their hands in their pockets … ends the unicorn of plenty for generalized assistantship !State of economic and social emergency which will have to go through a real Marshall Plan on at least 3 years !Everyone will have to get their hands dirty or in other words pay without pass rights of social categories 25 % of all stock market dividends Reduction of 10 % of all social assistance Reduction of all 5 a 20 % depending on the level Reduction of pensions 5 a 20 % according to the amounts. 10 years on the ban on any entry of migrants. 5 % on all financial transactions Abolition of all special retirement and privilege schemes linked to the civil service permanently !39h reinstated without salary increases !


    World news – Edward Philippe : "I think we will face a storm"

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