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    Dans 2019 the release of the Joker movie took the entire world by storm. The positive depiction of a hero, often so despised, triggered a major dramatic change in how people viewed villains. Based on the character of the same name in DC Comics. It provides an original story exploring why and how it has turned the infamous character into its present self.

    With multiple award functions such as Oscar and BAFTA Awards, its reputation for its creative ability has been cemented with hundreds of accolades and distinctions. Par conséquent, producers had to worry about their sequel from fans who would like to see another such movie.

    Having come up on the news after an official announcement that Joker 2 is in its early stages of production, fans are in speculation mode that the film could be released any time soon.

    Keep your cigarette, bien que; it’s unlikely to be published early. For this COVID-19 pandemic, nothing will be delayed or indefinitely postponed. A much more realistic forecast will, j'espère, be around 2022.

    Joaquin Phoenix hasn’t shrugged off the possibility that he will return for a sequel. It may mean he’ll return for the iconic role. toutefois, en ce moment, we can’t be sure of anything.

    Aussi, the director replied directly in the negative when asked if the sequel would feature Gotham’s superhero Batman, the role Robert Pattinson has recently taken on.

    Joker ‘s 2019 finale revealed the full transformation of the Joker into the villain, and he was incarcerated at Arkham State Hospital. If the sequel will take a more thorough look at the depraved crimes that it commits remains to be seen.

    The sequel could also portray his ascent to becoming the Gotham Underworld’s dreaded master. There are many open-ended possibilities, but we can’t be sure of his plot in the meantime, as there is no trailer yet.

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