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The Dominican Republic has extended its free travel insurance program for all tourists until April 2021.

The Caribbean island began funding in August to bring more tourists back and help rebuild its devastated tourism sector. The free insurance covers all travelers in case they get sick or have to change their plans due to Covid-19.

According to the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism, David Collado, the free insurance program will last until at least April 30. April 2021 extended.

« The Free Assistance Plan has been a success as it helps position us worldwide as a safe tourist destination where all kinds of experiences can be enjoyed with the assurance that there is a perfectly prepared medical system to look after can take care of visitors just in case and for them free of charge “, said the tourism minister according to the report.

All tourists are automatically insured the moment they check into their hotel. The traveler does not need to take any action to activate the insurance, which is fully covered by the Dominican Republic government.

Over 1000 flights are expected to land in the Dominican Republic before the New Year. The island is setting new records for passenger traffic during the pandemic as travelers take advantage of the holiday season.

The Dominican Republic has some of the most relaxed entry requirements in the world. There are no mandatory pre-arrival tests and no quarantines. The Dominican Republic government stated that up to 5% of arrivals will be randomly selected for a Covid-19 breath test.

The US government lowered the recommendation of level 4 “do not travel” for the Dominican Republic to level 3 “reconsider travel” in November.

However, the CDC continues to rate the Dominican Republic as a Level 4 « Very High Risk » warning of Covid-19, and travel to the country should be avoided.

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This is welcome news. We are scheduled to travel to the DR next month. Although we already have travel insurance, it’s nice to know that the Dominican government is watching out for us.

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EbeneMagazine – CA – Dominican Republic Expands Free Travel Insurance For All Tourists – Travel Off Path
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