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On the final episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross spoke about Triple H and the fact that he went from 1996 to 2000 without losing a pay-per-view clean. Ross said he never thought that would be true, especially since Triple H was never someone to complain about this stuff backstage.

« I’ve never heard of Triple H refusing to do a job for anyone, » said Ross. « He surely wouldn’t tolerate that today if he had talent in NXT or whatever that didn’t want to kill anyone. He wouldn’t do it.

« Sometimes these things are overrated. I signed him to his biggest contract. I believed Triple H from the start. I just don’t know man I don’t think this was ever a big problem. If you didn’t like Triple H or his relationship with Vince and Stephanie, now you’re stepping into a whole different area. They over analyze the personal side of this sh ** and it’s unnecessary. « 

Ross also spoke about the narrative that losing a match is always negative for a wrestler. Talking about a conversation he’d had with Talent earlier, he said no one publishes profit-loss records. Why do you care so much?

« ‘Job’ has a negative connotation, » said Ross. « Like it’s a goddamn kiss of death. Someone should win, someone should lose. It’s all a team effort. I told the talents that today the US has not yet released the wins and losses of pro wrestling. The only people who make this a big problem seem to be you. « 

Ross also spoke about the infamous Rikishi / Stone Cold feud and how Triple H was exposed as the mastermind behind the whole situation. He mentioned WWEs switching from rikishi to Triple H because the attacker wasn’t originally planned.

« I think it might have been a pivotal point, » said Ross. « In order to remove Stone Cold from the premises, it opened the door freely so that Triple H’s heel could walk through that door and conquer the kingdom. I think it was a linchpin somewhere along the way, and I thought it was a good booking idea, a good audible signal. « 

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EbeneMagazine – CA – Jim Ross shares insight into whether Triple H refused to lose in active wrestling – Wrestling Inc.. .
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