LevelMagazine – CA – Jim Ross reveals if Triple H actually refused to lose a PPV match for four years


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Jim Ross took some time to clear up rumors that Triple H may in fact have refused to drag a clean pencil over a four-. Year range in the late 90s

Jim Ross, one of the people who would know, took some time to clear rumors that Triple H may actually have refused to get one over a four-year period in the late 90s by 2000 to take clean pen.

While Triple H is considered a mentor these days, there was a time when he was considered selfish and often difficult to work with because he simply refused to lose. There was no evidence of such controversy, but it is a call that has often followed it to this day. Jim Ross doesn’t believe it for a second.

JR said on a recent Grilling JR podcast that he never thought this would be true. Given that Triple H was never someone behind the scenes to complain about this stuff, it certainly wouldn’t make sense to consider that he would never let that slip away with a current artist working in WWE today.

« I’ve never heard of Triple H refusing to do a job for anyone, » Ross said. « He added that if he had talent in NXT who didn’t want to persuade anyone, there is no way out. « he would let that slip. In fact, Ross said that doing the « job » on another talent is such a negative connotation. « He noted that Triple H would see someone win and someone must lose, and those decisions are made for the betterment of the entire company. He said he always told talent that TV stations would never share profits and losses. He would say, « The only people who make this a big problem seem to be you. « Triple H definitely needs to understand this fact.

Ross said he believed rumors of Triple H’s refusal to do the « job » were exaggerated and that he likely got the reputation based on his association with Vince McMahon and Stephanie. That’s a completely different discussion.

Was there a time when Triple H might have been playing politics to win a match? Perhaps. But has he ever simply refused to pick up a pin, and because of that, was undefeated on a pay-per-view for nearly four years? It is highly unlikely.

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LevelMagazine – CA – Jim Ross reveals if Triple H actually refused one Losing PPV Match For four years
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